This, that and the other thing

Some of my favorite stuff from the interwebs…

  • Please watch this to the end… the part where she says she asked questions in class and started every one with an apology… so true and so good. Not to say it is all true but we can all learn a lesson about not shrinking ourselves to accommodate other people.
  • This post on friendship made me think about who my people are. Who are your people? We should all have people we can call who will drop everything and come to us, no matter what we need.
  • My friend, Dawn, linked to her friend Kara’s blog… Mundane Faithfulness and on first read I knew this was a person I would be friends with if ever I met her, but she lives in Colorado and I don’t know her. But her story is worth sharing, it is heartbreaking and real. Please pray for this woman and her family, prayers for people you don’t know never hurt anyone. Cancer sucks, God is still good.
  • While international adoption is not something our family feels called to, I rejoice with my friends who have gone through the process or are in the midst of it… Kim and Kate, you are awesome! Christian and your TBD (by God) kids are so blessed by you and your faithfulness to God’s calling.
  • Sometimes reading something that is out of your comfort zone is exactly what you should be doing… it stimulates the brain and takes you places you wouldn’t otherwise go… Ocean at the End of the Lane and Where’s You Go, Bernadette? are two such books for me… handy that they are the next two books for Laid-Back Book Club… thinking about joining us in November and December… you are more than welcome!
  • If you are looking for new music, might I suggest the following:

For sad, melancholy days:

For putting some pep in your step:

For embracing British singers with misspent youths:

For those of you looking for a little religious inspiration:

And something just a little different:

And I really want to see this movie and hope it is as good as it should be.

And an oldie, but goodie (Liam in 2008 with my brother’s Christmas gift):



2 responses to “This, that and the other thing

  1. I LOVE Liam’s cheeks in this picture! Adorable.

    That poetry reading was pretty awesome. Had to listen to it twice to pick up on the things I missed the first time around.

    You’re one of my people.

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