Thursday Randoms (post-Thanksgiving edition)


  • I for real hosted Thanksgiving this year and it went surprisingly well… no big drama, unless you count the brining bag bursting open the night before when I (as directed) tried to turn the turkey over in the liquid to ensure even brine distribution. I mean it’s not ideal to have to sop up 4 gallons of aromatic liquid but on the plus side, I hadn’t yet cleaned my kitchen so it just moved up that task by a few hours. It also wasn’t on my Thanksgiving Day checklist but Simon helpfully added it for me. Though I want it noted that I did NOT drop the bag… it exploded in my sink and again on the counter. Clearly my 29 pound turkey was asking too much of a bag with a 25 pound capacity.


  • It was an early morning… and I just had to get over the whole touching a formerly living but now dead bird. But really… still gross.
  • Funny story: When I was pulling the pieces out of the bird after bringing it home, I removed the neck from the body cavity and Liam instantly asked, “Do turkeys have penises?” I could not help but laugh.


  • And though it got done two hours early (the Internet failed me with its handy timetables), it turned out pretty perfectly and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Though if that size bird is in our future again, I might have to get a larger pan… this one was at capacity. For reference, I highly recommend soaking cheesecloth in melted butter and white wine and then wrapping all that deliciousness around your bird and basting it again every 30 minutes. Cheesecloth is not something I have ever had a need to buy but it made for one moist (ick – worst word ever) and scrumptious bird… and I’m not just saying that, I hope my dinner guests would concur. My gravy, on the other hand, could have used some help… it was a little anorexic.


  • Even George got to enjoy the turkey the next day when, after we carved up the rest of the turkey to make soup stock, I put up on the counter and let him go crazy with all the pieces we hadn’t yet washed up. Doesn’t everyone have a counter-sized dog? Don’t worry – I thoroughly cleaned the counter post puppy snacking, I have standards.


  • We did not really do Black Friday shopping, at least not like we have done in the past. Simon went out at 9 p.m. to Target for some movies and my beloved Vampire Diaries season on DVD (only $10 – an annual deal) and the next morning we went out and bought a mattress because ours is embarrassingly old…
  • We are now the proud owners of a bed that is almost too big for our bedframe. I feel like I am sleeping on a throne. Poor George has to take a running leap at the bed and even then he doesn’t make it to the top but can at least scramble his little paws and pull himself the rest of the way up. This might be the thing that he ends up hating us for in his old age (he’ll be 9 in April), first the children that never leave and now a bed that he’s bound to break a hip getting onto or off of (scratch that, I won’t let him jump down on his own, the height of the leap almost ensures a face plant in his near future).
  • But for real, is the mattress not comically large? Our old (albeit very old) mattress only reach the top of the inside circle on the foot board of of our bedframe – a good 6-8 inches below where it is now. We are literally moving up in the world.


  • And, unrelated to anything Thanksgiving, a text exchange from watching The Voice results show… we were not pleased with the person America voted to save. (hint: one of the ladies).



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