Wah wah… someone is five today and that someone is my baby! What the what?! Thankfully the kid is on the small side so he doesn’t yet look like a five year old to me… more like 3.5 or 4 (which is perfect since he is just finally fitting into 4T clothes :)). But I still know that in reality, he is FIVE. Break my little heart. This just will not do.
In a little over 6 months he’ll be starting kindergarten. He writes his name and can count to 800 (for real – the kid has more stamina and stubbornness than I can even comprehend… the other night he walked in a circle and counted to 250 for no reason, whereas his older brother gets bored after reaching 20).
His tenacity and non-stop personality will serve him well in years to come, but my, do they make me exhausted by the end of each day. He would quite literally talk your ear off if you let him… though he still feigns shyness when he first meets people.
There is absolutely nothing he can’t or won’t try to do (unless it is food). Especially if it means showing his brother up… like swimming lessons.
He equal parts adores and loves to antagonize his big brother.  IMAG2517_1And his parents 🙂
I love hanging out with this kid and hearing what he has to say… my favorite from the past week was: “Mom, if we had $1000, we’d be rich and our house would be filled with money… even the light switches would be made out of money.”
While I don’t miss the carpool line at Liam’s old school, I do miss the time spent waiting with Jack in the car at least three days a week… but now we get to spend that time at home where he asks me to rub his back or cuddle with him (for seconds at a time, can’t spend too much time sitting down).
Jack loves his dad and is so proud that they both love chocolate shakes and Vegemite sandwiches. The fact that he will eat Vegemite is still amazing to me as he is the pickiest of eaters (i.e., more stubborn than I am when it comes to food choices) and his list of acceptable foods is laughably short and includes mostly brown/tan foods, and inexplicably, strawberries.
Happy Birthday to my big boy, Jackers Knackers… you might be the youngest in the family but you have the biggest personality by far. Love you to the moon and back.


3 responses to “Five

  1. You just described my daughter Olivia. Except she only allows Michigan strawberries to cross her lips and will remind me of that whenever I try to serve her otherwise.

    Happy Birthday to a cool little guy. May his light switches indeed me made of money when he grows up. 😉

  2. Awww. Love this.

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