Monday Randoms


  • Spring officially starts in 4 days – the temperature was in the low single digits this morning and it is currently only 16 degrees… but Thursday we can look forward to a high of 40. I laugh. And again, I blog about weather. At least the snow is melting – though I fear the large piles at the end of our driveway will still be there in a couple months… much smaller, but still there – they were taller than our minivan at one point.
  • Now that spring is approaching, George has decided he can go exploring again when we let him out to do his business. This is not okay. He is small and black, not an idea combination for solo adventuring in a wooded neighborhood or by a road. It’s bad enough that Jack randomly starts crying about George dying without George actually, you know, dying. George may soon find himself on the losing end of a tether…
  • I stopped and got coffee this morning after daycare drop off… watching her pour three shots of espresso over ice made me think that perhaps it was a bit much caffeine. But then I remembered it was Monday and I got over it.
  • Two weeks from today we’ll be in Texas. Hopefully we survive the trip without leaving a child behind. [If a child actually does get left behind, this was purely an accident and totally the fault of the child.]
  • A year ago thoughts of selling our house and moving were just daydreams… as much of a reality as the thought of someday traveling around Europe: nice thoughts, but no concrete plans. I both love and am amazed by how things can come together so very quickly. We called our realtor a week after getting back from spring break and by mid-May, we had sold our house! Say what?
  • Still don’t have a minute of regret to have moved or with our house. I am thankful every day for the blessing it has been and the journey we took to get there. Also thankful the former owners had great taste and picked awesome paint colors!
  • We went to a community expo over the weekend where the boys picked up lots of freebie items… including some plastic rulers. Guess what Jack decided to measure on himself on the way home? If you are having trouble, imagine you are a crude-humored teenage BOY and then guess…
  • I rather love washi tape… if you don’t know what it is, they you are either not a crafter or not a lady…
  • We watched Dallas Buyers Club on Saturday night – without a doubt, we could both understand why Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto won all of the awards. Amazingly acted, you completely believed they were the characters they played.
  • The cover story in Entertainment Weekly last week was about Orphan Black – a drama on BBC America – talking about how good the show was and how much of a following it has so we decided to watch the pilot. Simon said, and I quote, “I don’t even think I’m enjoying this at all.” I’d say we maybe aren’t the target audience.
  • My husband has a crush on Shakira and I am okay with this because it allows for my Adam Levine crush and therefore we are both happy watching The Voice. I’m also okay because this bumped Kate Beckinsale off his list… I was not okay with her because I just didn’t like her, but Shakira and I would totally be besties – at the very least she’s tiny and would fit in my pocket – a pocket Sharika would come in handy, I’m sure.
  • The boys are signed up for Taekwondo starting after spring break – I cannot wait. Two nights a week for 7 weeks – I hope they like it because I know I will enjoy that hour of peace and quiet while they learn the wonders of martial arts.
  • I went to Trader Joe’s last weekend with my fellow small group ladies and I have some new favorite treats from there: pesto gouda, Irish porter cheddar cheese, Raisin Rosemary Crisps, Cilantro and Jalapeno Hummus, Hot & Sweet Mustard and Tomato Basil Marinara to go along with my old standbys – mini pb cups and cookie butter. Please, Trader Joe’s, come to Grand Rapids – we will love you.
  • Book club is still going strong… love having an excuse to read and an evening to chat with grown ups about what we are reading. Intelligent conversation is marvelous!
  • There are times in my life when I feel more like an adult than others – one such time came last week when I went to an ambassador meeting for a local non-profit foundation. I was the youngest person in the room and we were talking about education and funding for teacher training. These are things I care about and that matter to me which really does make me a grown up.
  • Jack has been refusing to hug or kiss me at bedtime lately – though he will do both to Simon – and while I know logically that I shouldn’t actually be offended by this behavior, it does kind of hurt my feelings. The more we insist on his showing me affection, the more he refuses which is not great for one’s ego. I was mock-crying about it last night at bedtime, trying to garner some sympathy from the little imp and said, “Oh, I guess Jack doesn’t love me any more…” and Liam piped up with, “Well, at least I still love you, mom.” Thanks, kid, love how quickly you accepted your brother’s lack of feelings for your mother. [For the record, I know Jack loves me and he will tell me that, he just WILL NOT show his affection to me, only Simon. I also know this is because he is a twerp and does the same thing to my dad and mom. It’s a phase, but it’s not one I love.] Liam is winning this week as favorite child.



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  1. “But then I remembered it was a Monday and I got over it.” Love this!

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