36 things I’ve learned

If you read yesterday’s post (or Facebook reminded you), you know that today is my birthday. To celebrate, I’m sharing with you 36 things I learned this past year (or thereabouts). I realize that it might be more appropriate to list 35 things I learned in my 35th year, I’ve technically been alive 36 years.

  1. I cannot be counted on to accurately tell you how old I am or how old I’m going to be. I have to think about it way too long when someone asks how old I am. In fact, I think I told people I was 36 for much of the year. Whoops.
  2. Life can be a whole lot better with a little medicine.
  3. God can fix ANYTHING.
  4. My yard needs plants that are deer resistant, rabbit resistant AND drought resistant. It also helps if they thrive in sand.
  5. I’m a little bit judge-y when it comes to stupid people.
  6. My husband is a wee bit OCD when it comes to people coming over and his need to clean the house (especially steam mop the floor).
  7. Our dustbuster can clean out our Keurig (see #6; also – I married both my father and my mother in one person).
  8. I know more about nature than I thought thanks to my weeks spent at Camp Roger in my youth.
  9. Jack eating a pancake with brown sugar on it is something we will celebrate and call the grandparents about.
  10. If you let your kids bathe themselves, you will get 30 minutes of peace in the evenings (but it will cost you the price of the fancy lice repellant shampoo that “accidentally” spills into the tub).
  11. Book clubs are one of my favorite things and you can actually discuss books at them (as opposed to just drinking wine and eating; talking with grown ups + beverages + nibblies = trifecta of goodness).
  12. I love, love, love good sushi.
  13. I can pull loose teeth for my kids (but not other peoples’ kids).
  14. Birthdays in the age of Facebook are pretty wonderful but getting real paper cards still rocks more than anything.
  15. I enjoy using a chain saw.
  16. Entertainment Weekly seldom steers me wrong with TV show and book recommendations – music and movies can sometimes be another story.
  17. Matthew McConaughey can actually act.
  18. Megan Fox still cannot act (well, I guess I didn’t technically learn that this year).
  19. My husband finds Shakira very attractive.
  20. No matter how hot she is, Shakira still does not sing in a manner I find appealing.
  21. When I look at 30 year olds on television and think that they look really old for their age (because they definitely look older than me) that really, they look their age and I look older than I think I do.
  22. I have been friends with the Rooks girls for half of my life and from here on out, I’ll have known them longer than I didn’t know them.
  23. Trader Joe’s and Aldi chocolates come off the same manufacturing line and are equal in their goodness.
  24. My kids learn many of their bad habits/traits from their parents.
  25. Binge-watching a TV show is pretty awesome.
  26. My memory is faulty.
  27. I value common sense more than book smarts.
  28. When your dermatologist offers to remove a mole on your scalp, you will have a dime-sized bald spot until the hair grows back in.
  29. The best pedicures I’ve ever gotten have both been done by men and have both happened in the last year.
  30. I actually do like painting my own fingernails when I have the special stuff that dries them instantly because I like lazy forms of being high maintenance.
  31. Sometimes when a horrible sound occurs when you are pulling into the garage, you are hitting the side of the garage and that damage cannot be undone.
  32. Given enough alcohol and peer pressure from my older brother, I will swing dance at a bar in Austin.
  33. Getting older doesn’t lesson my desire for approval from my parents, brothers and their wives – I’ll forever be the baby of the family, despite my age.
  34. Simon has sleep apnea; a CPAP machine will bring silence at night and it is a beautiful thing. Also, I can honor his request to not post a picture on the Internet of him with his mask on (it takes great restraint people, great restraint).
  35. Chalk paint IS pretty cool.
  36. Turning 36 is no big deal.

Bonus thing I already knew but was further cemented this year:
I am blessed.


2 responses to “36 things I’ve learned

  1. But you forgot one really important one…YOU are a blessing to so many others…and I am only one of many who I am sure feel this way!
    Happy, happy birthday (even though this is not paper, it is incredibly heartfelt, albeit lazy and cheap…sorry).

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