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Status report

  • Boxes packed for moving the office in two weeks: 1 (the new printer I ordered is still in the box it came in so that’s done)
  • Vendors to coordinate for the move: 0 (at least I’ve done the planning)
  • Christmas cards left to address and mail: all (but they have been at the house since before Thanksgiving)
  • Presents left to purchase for Christmas: 0
  • Presents left to wrap for Christmas: all
  • Fabulous husbands who do laundry (and live in my house): 1
  • Parties/holiday activities to attend (before Christmas Eve): 6
  • Bennett boys who are super excited for Christmas: 2 (Simon’s just moderately excited; George could care less and is only sort of male)
  • Batches of Chex mix to be made: 4-6
  • Goodies to be made: more than enough
  • Delicious food to be eaten: a boatload
  • Minutes spent exercising: probably not enough
  • ememby’s who are stressed (but really wouldn’t have it any other way): 1
  • Cranberry-orange vodka to drink: as much as my brother, Mike, will give me
  • Days until we leave the country: 24
  • Days until we get to Australia: 26



Forward Thinking

So, it’s November… two more months left in the year!? It hardly seems possible that we’re nearing the end of the year. But it’s also the time of year I look the most forward to so it seems fitting that it’s time for another forward thinking post! Here are some things I’m looking forward to in the next two months.

Going away this weekend with my friend, Tracey. We are leaving Friday morning and not coming back until Sunday and neither of us can wait! Whoot! I believe (though correct me if I am remembering incorrectly) this is the first time I’ve been away from all my boys for two nights since I went to Key West with my girlfriends when we turned 30 – that’s a long time. We have no big plans, sleeping in without being woken up by our children, going to see Footloose and exploring some cute northern Michigan towns. I’m hoping to get caught up on magazines and get at least one book off my Kindle. And I just love my husband for “letting” me go! I’m sure the boys will have lots of fun without me and if they don’t, at least I’ll be de-stressed and able to handle it when I get back!

The first snow of the season – I love winter (though I hate driving in the winter, every rose has its thorn) and I love the magical feeling of a first snow.

Conferences – Liam’s first school conference is next week and I can’t wait to hear what his teacher has to say – the good and even the bad. I enjoy other’s insights into my kids, especially the insights of those who are professionals because goodness knows I am most definitely a newbie in the parenting a 5-year-old arena.

Writing my thing(s) I’m thankful for at the Thanksgiving service at my parent’s church. This tradition has been going on as long as I can remember and everyone takes a paper leaf and writes their thankful thing and then a couple of families collect them and hang them on a tree at the front of church.

Also looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend in general… good food, good times with family and a long weekend!

Holiday parties – I love the festivities of Christmas and the added excuse to get together with groups of people to laugh and enjoy a plethora of good food.

Revisiting the real reason for Christmas with my boys – I love talking with them about baby Jesus and each year you can see it clicking more with Liam and that warms my little heart.

Christmas in Lansing with my family doing our normal traditional get togethers and late-Christmas in Australia with Simon’s family doing their traditional things – Simon’s sister’s been facebooking about making Christmas pudding and the recipe involves soaking fruit in Cointreau and rum for many days, I can only hope there will be some left for us!

Let the fun begin… but first, a nice, relaxing weekend to kick it off… that is just what the doctor ordered to offset all the tantrums that will need diffusing and the time-outs that will need to be enforced over the next two months because the one thing I do know about parenting is that fun times = inevitable meltdowns by the short set (and sometimes Simon).

Top Ten Halloween Observations

1. Traditions are wonderful and I’m so glad we’ve got some for our kids – one such tradition is spending Halloween with our good friends and their girls. We’ve done this every Halloween since Liam and Keila were 1 and plan on continuing it long into the future!

2. My mom totally had the right idea about being the one to stay at home while my dad took me around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Tracey and I send the boys off with the kiddos and we hand out candy at their house. It’s a perfect set up.

3. Halloween really is fun for the whole family – the kids get to haul in the candy with the illusion that they will get to eat it all and the parents get to sneak it out of their buckets after they go to bed.

4. I enjoy being able to make Halloween costumes – and I’m not at all being sarcastic about that. Though I feel like the Angry Bird costumes might be the pinnacle of my costume-making career.

5. The grown up costumes are way more entertaining than the kid costumes – all the teachers at Liam’s school dressed up for the parade but my favorite was the male teacher who was dressed like a blond Dorothy.


He at least should have gone the extra mile and shaved his legs, don’t you think?

6. If you are helping out with the class Halloween party and having to make a fool out of yourself by doing Halloween motions with the kids for a game (e.g., flap your arms like a bat, walk like a skeleton and dance like a princess), the least the other parents could do is avert their eyes and not sit and watch you.

7. Carving pumpkins is not worth the effort if your kids are too little to actually clean them out and do any of the work. We tried last year and completely skipped that activity this year but since I made their costumes (from scratch, without a pattern) I figure I can let it slide.

8. Parents at our school take the Halloween parade very seriously – I arrive 20 minutes early and still had to drive on the bike path to park out on the lawn by the road.

9. My kids make darn cute Angry Birds.


10. When you haven’t eaten a whole lot of sugar for 6 months – 3 snack sized candy bars make you hyper… but at least I know the crash is coming…

P.S. It’s NOVEMBER! How did this happen?

Top Ten {Tuesday}This post is linked to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.

Happy Halloween!

Hope you had a fun and memorable Halloween! This photo absolutely cracks me up! One child is having a mini-fit while the other is spaced out. But at least I look cute. That’s what it’s all about!

Now to raid the kids’ candy buckets… at least they also each got a toothbrush! More tomorrow – right now I’m in a sugar coma!