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Television Characters My Younger Self Would Have Married

While talking with someone last week about Claire Danes and her impressive performance in Homeland, I mentioned that I still see her as Angela from My So Called Life – the first thing I think I ever saw her in – which made me think of of Jordan Catalano (her character’s love interest in the show) and how much I wanted to date him when I was that age. Which led me to think of other TV characters I was in love with in my youth… ahh, the good old days.

Ricky Stratton (Silver Spoons) | Mostly because I wanted to live in that mansion and have someone cater to my every need – apparently I was dreaming of a life of leisure as a child.

Mike Seaver (Growing Pains) | This is kind of a given for any child of the 80s… that smile was just irresistable.

Charles (Charles in Charge) | I was always a sucker for an authoritative man, and his appeal was further highlighted by his playing opposite of his complete doofus of a best friend.

Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell) | That impish smile and effervescent charm… who wasn’t cheering for Zack and Kelly to end up together forever (when they weren’t hoping Zack would materialize in front of them and propose)?

Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) | Though I didn’t realize until I Googled his character name, that it is/was the same as his actual name – does this mean I actually wanted to marry the real Will Smith? I probably wouldn’t have turned him down but considering I’m no Jada Pinkett, I don’t think it would have worked out. But he was so cute and he was sent away from home, which made me just want to give him a big hug.

Jordan Catalano (My So Called Life) | Oh yes, my bad boy phase, perfectly epitomized by the brooding and dark Jordan Catalano with the killer eyes. I believe I watched, rewound and rewatched Jordan and Angela’s first kiss more times that I should ever admit (which was quite a commitment back in the days of VHS). The nerdy girl got the bad boy, strange that I would relate to that.

Noel or Ben (Felicity) | As different as they were, either of the leading men on that show would have worked for me… solid, sweet Noel or exasperatingly unreliable but totally forgiveable Ben (simply for the way he whisper-said “Hi”) – I think Felicity picked the right one for her but until the end, I loved them both (though if forced, I’d totally pick Scott Speedman – which is okay since he was in Underworld with Simon’s celebrity crush, Kate Beckinsale and in some convoluted way, I’m going to say that absolves me of any guilt).

Dawson and then Pacey (Dawson’s Creek) | Unlike my shared attraction for both Noel and Ben from Felicity, my likes when it came to Dawson’s Creek inititally were 100% with Dawson and then switched completely over to Pacey (perhaps my affections can be easily manipulated with good writing but once Dawson did the ugly cry on the docks while Joey ran away from him for Pacey that was it for me, no looking back – my apologies James Vander Beek, but that was not your finest acting moment).

And last, but not least:

Vaughn (Alias) |  Oh Michael Vartan… that show… the perfect mix of volnerability, intrigue, adventure and intensity and Vaughn. Sigh. [And then I remember that Alias also brought Bradley Cooper onto my radar. Thank you very much for that one J. J. Abrams and Bad Robot.]

And again, it should be noted, I love my husband who embodies all the best things about the characters listed above, plus he’s Australian (and I love accents, right, Jonna?).


Five Question Friday

Sorry… didn’t post yesterday, I’m sure all of you were in withdrawal 😉 But today we’re back to our regularly scheduled blathering nonsense…

And update on Jack and his tooth – he did wonderfully at the dentist. He ran back with the hygienist when she came for him and after they Novocained him, she came and told me he cried a little and explained how they would hold his arms and likely his head for the 30-second extraction. I appreciated this little chat since it alleviated any questions I might have about what was happening and if Jack had told me that someone held him, I would know why. Nice touch. Less than 10 minutes later he was all done and once again sitting on a little bench with gauze clamped down between his front teeth. He eagerly showed me his toy and told me that he couldn’t talk well because of the gauze. He wasn’t traumatized or upset, just eager to find out if he could go back to playing with the toys in the waiting room. After I buckled him into his car seat, he told me, “The boy did bad things to me.” Love that he referred to his 60+-year-old dentist as “the boy” like he didn’t deserve the respect of being called a man. He cuddled for a little bit at home and then was back up and running around. He mentioned once that he didn’t like his tooth being out but otherwise appears to be unphased by it all. The sedative that I gave him prior to the appointment didn’t taste very good so when I gave him the bubblegum-flavored amoxicillin for the first time, he paused and asked, “Am I going to like it?” But he likes it… I miss bubblegum-flavored antibiotics.

I will say the tooth was way longer that I expected it to be – all the other teeth I’ve seen when the fall out are very short but this one was 3/4 of an inch long – a bit ridiculous. I’d also show you a photo of Jack’s new gap but I’m going to wait on that one until the scene of the extraction looks a little less gruesome. I’m sure you appreciate my discretion with that one.

Anywho… happy Friday, enjoy my 5QF answers below…

1. What advice would you give a couple getting married?
Marriage is hard, not always, but it can be and likely will be at some point. Difficulty in marriage doesn’t mean it’s failing or you are failing, it’s just difficult. Circumstances, life in general with all it’s outside influences and communication levels all help contribute to those difficult times and oh my does the devil weasel in there as well. But just remember, like life, marriage can be hard but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort. All the good things are hard work (except ice cream – ice cream is good and oh so easy to get).

2. If you could tell your 16 year old self ONE thing, what would it be?
Just one thing… that’s the kicker. I could write a whole novel of the stuff I’d love to tell me. But what would be the most important thing? I’d like to think that perhaps it would have to do with not obsessing over certain boys, or boys in general, but I think that I must have learned something through all that drama and heartache – though I also wasted a whole lot of time and energy. So I guess I’d just have to say, “Don’t be stupid.” That applies to whole variety of things but much like wearing a WWJD? bracelet, I hope my teenage self would stop in any situation and think to herself, “Don’t be stupid” and then continue on and make a smart(ish) choice.

3. What do you do to keep cool in the summer? (AC, windows, fans, swimming, etc.)
Air conditioning all the way. I still remember the summer my parents got central air when I was growing up. I was away at camp for the week when they got it installed and I came home after sleeping in a stuffy cabin for the week to the beautiful, wonderful coolness of central air. I’ve lived in places since then that haven’t had central air but I so love it and hope to not give it up again!

4. What did you (or your wife) crave most while pregnant?
With Liam it was fruit smoothies and ice cream (he was born in August) with Jack it was salads, Subway and Kettle chips. But I ate too many Kettle chips and ended up having to get my gallbladder out after Jack was born. Sad times. But now I can eat them again so that’s happy. Nothing like a little out-patient surgery to make my world a better place.

5. Who is your favorite TV mom? Why?
It’s funny, but I think my favorite TV mom is definitely not the mom I ever would have wanted for myself but I loved Lauren Graham’s character of Lorilai in the Gilmore Girls. She was cool and hip and they had a great relationship and she really did love her daughter but knowing myself, I would have found her so frustrating as my parent. But still I just love the character.

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Top Ten Favorite Best Picture Winners

Apparently it’s Oscar week on the bloggity blog…

In no particular order, my top ten favorite winners of the big prize, Best Picture.

  1. Shakespeare in Love | While I don’t think it deserved to win that year when it was up against both Saving Private Ryan and Life Is Beautiful, but I really did like it; like a lot.
  2. Titanic | One of the few movies I’ve ever seen multiple times in the theater (if not the only one); and every time I cried, weepy sad tears when the ship sank and you saw all the other people dying or preparing to die. So sad and that it was a true story, even sadder.
  3. A Beautiful Mind | The amazingly told story based on the life of economics prodigy John Nash; it would have to be good if I used amazing and economics in the same sentence.
  4. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King | Well-deserved for the astronomical feat of bringing the trilogy to life in such an excellent way. I feel bad for two other deserving nominees from that year – Mystic River and Lost in Translation.
  5. The Fighter | oh wait, The King’s Speech was last years’ winner, not The Fighter (though it should have been, I feel like at least half of the other nominees should have won over The King’s Speech, for sure.) But I LOVED The Fighter, against my expectations, it was brilliantly acted and so well packaged.
  6. The Silence of the Lambs | I have seen this movie so many times; back in middle school this was a fall-back movie with my BFF, which is quite surprising because it is not at all the type of movie I would normally like and now, when I’ve seen it, I find it totally creepy.
  7. Schindler’s List | Just amazing and sad and beautiful and utterly depressing and yet hopeful to find someone so willing to risk everything for others.
  8. Out of Africa | For the scenery alone, I like this movie (that and the hair-washing scene.)
  9. Forrest Gump | Jheeeennnnyyy! Run Forrest, run! Life is like a box of chocolates… Bubba Gump Shrimp. How can you not love Forrest Gump, and it has a killer soundtrack.
  10. Gladiator | The second Russell Crowe movie on my list, must be I like Australians; true but that has nothing to do with it, just another great movie. 😉

And just for fun, I’d like to note that I saw 9 out of ten winners in the 1990s and only 4 out of ten in the 2000s – pre-kids and post-kids, sad and true. And from this year’s ten nominees, I only saw The Help and Midnight in Paris (try as I may, I couldn’t get Simon to see The Descendants at date night this past weekend, instead we saw This Means War, which was hilarious and I highly recommend it for date night). Also, doesn’t ten nominees seem like a bit of overkill?

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Music Monday: TV Show Faves…

Back when I started my Music Monday posts, I mentioned that I discovered David Gray while watching an episode of Dawson’s Creek, here is a small sampling of some other favorite songs I discovered while watching TV (see, TV is good for something).

Feels Like Home | Chantal Kreviazuk [Dawson’s Creek]

You Take My Breath Away | Tuck and Patti [Dawson’s Creek – again]

Long Day is Done | Norah Jones [again, Dawson’s Creek]

She Will Have Her Way | Neil Finn [Felicity]

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face | Coldplay [Alias]

Have you discovered any favorites watching TV?

Top Ten TV Shows I Have Loved

A new TV season is upon us and I love it but sometimes I miss my favorite shows that have gone on to TV heaven… in no particular order:

  1. Felicity | College me would have married Scott Speedman in a heartbeat (or Scott Foley – really, either one)
  2. Alias | My favorite spy girl, I kind of wanted to be Sydney Bristow when I grew up
  3. Dawson’s Creek | I was team Pacey all the way
  4. The West Wing | Understanding this show always made me feel smart and once my co-worker and I had a pedi-conference around our office and then we squealed with delight over our parallel to the show (TV nerds unite!)
  5. Friends | Thursday night will never be the same – I still miss the college days, all hanging out in our room watching that show
  6. ER | Another Thursday night special; I still remember Carter getting stabbed, Mark Green getting beat up in the bathroom and Romano getting hit by the helicopter – talk about a tough workplace
  7. Family Ties | This family always made me jealous of my friends who had siblings close in age
  8. Growing Pains | Then I watched this show and was thankful for my pseudo only-child upbringing
  9. Cheers | One of the first shows I watched with my parents and could appreciate (more or less)
  10. Alley McBeal | Quirky and fun + random song breaks = good times

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