(Not to be confused with those of a certain Pioneer Woman)

  • For the last two days I have been using men’s stick deodorant (I ran out of mine and had this one lying around since I bought it on sale and Simon will only use aerosol); every time I get a whiff of myself, I wonder… why do I keep smelling cologne? Oh yeah… it’s me.
  •  I told Liam to “check himself” and he responded angrily with, “No, I’m not going to check myself, I’m going to wreck yourself!” Then immediately followed up with a more contrite voice, “No, I didn’t mean to say that. I’m sorry, mommy, it was an accident.” And I could not stop myself from laughing and had to turn my back and when he thought I was crying, I let him believe that it was because he was mean to me.
  • I have the entire season of House on our DVR and have yet to watch a single episode but fully intend to do so when everything starts re-running this summer.
  • While I don’t look forward to each new work week, I secretly love being at the quiet office as opposed to the not-so-quiet house.
  • I never remind my husband that Mother’s Day is coming up as a test to see if he will remember and do something on his own – it’s really not very nice of me but he has never forgotten [though I was not super impressed by the laptop “tray” I received as part of my gift last year – but he knew I always complained about my lap getting too hot when I sit with my computer on it, so it was thoughtful (and purchased the day before Mother’s Day).]
  • I don’t love summer – though the past couple have been good to us here in Michigan and I’ve started to come around but I don’t think my affinity for autumn will ever waver.
  • I put Jack to bed in the same clothes he wore to bed the night before, which wouldn’t be so bad if Simon had ever changed him out of them today. [I did change his pants to go to Meijer, because apparently jeans are more appropriate grocery shopping attire than track pants; like Meijer, I have standards.]

Anyone else feel like making a confession?


5 responses to “Confessions…

  1. Oh My Goodness! I love this laugh today! I also love autumn! Again, kindred spirits.
    I’m not sure if I could ever sport the deodorant of the opposite sex. Cologne is quite an aphrodesiac for me…nuf said. I’m also envious of your quiet office time. My office time is in my basement, still frought with noises and crazy boys (who know mommy’s attention is diverted). D. does ok for Mother’s Day. His affection language is NOT gift giving, so I’d be surprised with a brown bag full of poo. But, a hanging basket is a good thing, right?

    • It’s super enjoyable when I have to take calls at home in the afternoons – I always preface them with – I’m so sorry, but I am working at home right now so we can talk if you don’t mind the possibility of children (or dogs) making noise in the background…

  2. Oh yeah…confession: there is something crusty at the end of a section of my hair. I couldn’t wash it this morning because we had to make a mad dash to get my husband to the Dr. (he couldn’t see well enough to drive). Now, I’m working. Then, bringing dinner to a friend, grkids post, and a baseball game tonight. Which means that I will most likely have an unidentified crust in my hair until tomorrow.

  3. I prefer summer to autumn, but the fall leaves always make me happy. For the two days before winter blows them off the trees.

    • I know – it’s fleeting, but beautiful… the summer humidity is what kills me, if it would cooperate and be 75 and not humid I could get behind it 🙂 (Picky, I know)

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