Favorite Finds – 5/1/11

Here are MY favorite finds from around the web:

Crafts I’d like to try:

  • It I were crazy and more industrious, I’d so love to steal this Dr. Seuss party theme
  • If I’d ever get my sewing machine out of the basement, I’d love to make one of these crayon roll-ups
  • I think these Herb Soaps might be a nice hostess or teacher’s aide gift

Recipes I’d like to try:

  • This Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken recipe looks super easy and I think Simon would like it since he regularly asks for pizza with BBQ sauce instead of tomato and likes the traditional Hawaiian pizza.
  • Hello Sticky Toffee Pudding in a Jar, perhaps we should meet in person (if only you were ice cream)
  • There’s something appealing about these Roasted Chickpeas, I mean I love them on salads and made into hummus, so why not roasted?
  • And wouldn’t this Crispy Potato Roast make an impressive entrance at a potluck?
  • What a great way to sneak both a fruit and a veggie into my kiddos: PB&J muffins

Things I’d like to buy:

Posts I liked and I’ll tell you why…

  • Someday, wouldn’t it be awesome to throw a party like the Grand Easter Egg Hunt the Design Mom threw? (Of course I will likely never be living in Normandy, alas.)
  • Classic Dooce post, I’ve missed these: Connecting in Memphis (Favorite line: “But that was when I was unmedicated, so I did not get over a lot of things including the rapid decline of New Kids on the Block.”)

New to me blogs:

  • Her Five Year Diary is the day-by-day transcription of a woman’s life from 1961 through 1965 – yes, that is it, the whole story.
  • I can never resist a good food blog, Matt Bites appears to be just that
  • Family Kitchen seems to be an endless source of recipes, I was drawn to the plethora of cakes in jars they’ve featured
  • Twirl Next Door is a mom who cleverly packs her kids lunches with things my kids would never touch with a 10-foot pole, but perhaps if I put it in a compartmentalized container, they would gobble it all up
  • I’d love to get my act together and participate in the 52 Photos Project

5 responses to “Favorite Finds – 5/1/11

  1. I’m totally intrigued by those cakes in jars… what a fun thing to serve if you have friends over for dinner!

  2. Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog! I am enjoying yours too!

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