Music Monday: Our Wedding CD

In honor of our anniversary this past weekend, I thought I’d share the music we put on our wedding CD (we gave this out to our wedding guests as one of the favors, we also alternated coffee and chocolate at the tables – all our favorite things). We’re going to ignore the fact that our handing out the CD probably violated some sort of copyright or distribution laws… bygones.

We had a slide show that was played at our wedding because we came into the sanctuary that featured What a Wonderful World for the parts when we were children and before we met each other and Sarah MacLachlan’s marvelous Ice Cream for the photos of our life together that far. [Super coincidentally, Ice Cream was from the movie Bed of Roses and in that movie, the main character’s favorite roses are Sterling roses – they are a purple-gray color with no thorns – and guess what flowers my hubby got me for our anniversary? Sterling roses – aw, how sweet! If only he had been aware of the connection, instead it was serendipity.]

Our friend, Andy, who is the music director at our church and was our small group leader at the time, did the music for our wedding and for the unity candle, he played Open Skies, which was a song we sang often in small group – it was very special and personal to us and I still feel blessed by how it came together perfectly in our wedding.

The rest of the songs were, and still are, special to us separately or as a couple. If you had asked me before meeting Simon if I knew any Crowded House songs I probably would have said, “Who?” But come to find out, I did know their music, just didn’t know the same of the band. Since we’ve met, we’ve seen them in concert twice (ironically, Simon went to their *farewell to the world* concert in front of the Opera House in Sydney back in 1996). 

My only regret on the CD was Born in the USA – obviously the sentiment of the title worked for our Australian-American theme, but the rest of the lyrics were a little inappropriate for a wedding CD.

Highlights of the rest

All I Want Is You | U2

The Luckiest | Ben Folds

Time of My Life | Green Day

And so you can revel in the fact that I was pretty cheesy, below are the labels I made for the coffee (perfect blend) and M&Ms (sweet nothings). Say it with me: awww. [barf]


Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me…


4 responses to “Music Monday: Our Wedding CD

  1. Awhhhhhhhh.

    My favorite part: “Obligatory U2 song.” 🙂

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