Guilty Pleasures: Internet Edition

(no, not THOSE kind of guilty pleasures on the internet)

I work in a small office and while we are often super busy, there are times when all the work is done and I am here by myself and so I surf the world wide web… sometimes I even feel like I have reached the end of it, on days when there are no new blog updates and everyone is off doing something fun so they aren’t updating their Facebook status’ (statuses?). But there are a few places I can always go to help pass the time.

  1. Television Without Pity | If you are looking for snarky recaps of your favorite shows, this is the place to go. The site is now “Powered by Bravo” but I started reading it when the staff was small and the reviews were at their snarkiest (totally a word). Back it the Dawson’s Creek and Felicity days, it was so fun to go to the site the next day and read a quick review (the longer, detailed review come later in the week) and remember things I missed. I [heart] television and so do these people, that is why they share their sarcasm and insights with the rest of us. The best were the recaps of The West Wing. On a serious note, this site let me to one of the only personal recounts I’ve ever read of September 11, 2001 by one of the founders of the site, Sara Bunting (a.k.a., Sars).
  2. Faded Youth Blog | I don’t actually go to the site because I subscribe to their RSS feed with Google Reader, but I love my daily dose of celebrity sitings and gossip. It’s like the Star Tracks section of People magazine which was always my favorite part. Yes, I know, I’m totally buying in to the celebrity thing but I don’t care, I love reading about what the stars are buying and eating and who they are (or are not) dating.
  3. | Part of my job involves graphic design (the rest of it is running the business and editing, which are much less “glamorous”) and I love looking at new fonts and thinking of what sort of projects I can use them for. But fonts can be expensive, but not when you find them on, then they are free. You are welcome. (Yes, I’m a little but computer geeky, I also like to look at color palettes here.)
  4. etsy AND/OR craigslist | I love looking for crafty inspiration on etsy (or finding great birthday gifts). And my post popular search on Craigslist is for refinished furniture. What I’m really looking for is a sidetable like this (though it will have to wait until after Jack grows up a few more years otherwise I’d have to bungee cord something to it):
  5. Give Me Neither | Because I am a Dutch girl at heart and thus money-saving runs through my veins, I have this blog on my feed reader and I get quite gleeful when I can sign up and get free samples or find ways to buy groceries and save 50% or more during a shopping trip. Just ask Simon, I love to tell him how much I saved and how much I actually spent. It’s always awesome when the savings are more than the total. Equally awesome is opening your mailbox and finding samples or coupons (less awesome is when your husband gets the mail before you and opens things first).
  6. Word Twist and Bejeweled on Facebook… and sometimes Farkle. Consider yourself warned, they are highly addictive.

2 responses to “Guilty Pleasures: Internet Edition

  1. I subscribe to Give me neither too! Love that site. I’ve never herad of font face before. I’m all over that! BTW, if/when you’re ready for a side table, I know of a certain (really good looking) carpenter who could possibly make it for you. 😉 That is, if you don’t find what you’re looking for first. I don’t get word twist on my fb anymore. 😦 I put my fb on security lockdown, and the games can’t play on the https mode. It’s really sad, but after our latest virus debockle…well, it’s a small price to pay. I miss it terribly, though.

    • Oooooh, handy knowing a wordworker 🙂 He does pretty awesome work! And I’m sad for you and your lack of Word Twist 🙂 My hubby and SIL and I have pretty continuous games.

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