Liam dressed up as a kangaroo his second Halloween –
his awesome costume was made by his BFF’s grandma and
re-worn the following year and again by Jack this past year. Gotta love that.

I’m sure it all started with Halloween, but like many kids, Liam loves to dress up. It doesn’t take much to make up a costume, though when he can get his hands on the real thing, it’s like Christmas.

Typically, when he does dress up, he simply goes about his regular business. And this I find highly entertaining.

Riding in the car, wearing “Mater” teeth.

Playing around on my computer as Optimus Prime.

Not sure what’s going on here. Later he added gloves and played with his cars.

Captain Rex from Clone Wars – one time when he was actually pretending to be the character
he was dressed up as, it probably helps that Caleb was playing along with him.

Ready to go for Pirate Day at school, I missed the picture of him
wearing this the day before just to watch TV.

Halloween 2010 – Jack revisits the kangaroo costume and Liam is in his
glory as Spiderman (he was one of four in his preschool class).

2 responses to “Incognito

  1. HA! Spidey seems to be the costume of choice for that age group. We’ve seemed to have avoided it so far…not sure if I’ll get through C’s formative years without a little spidey action, though. THese are cute pics!

    • Yea – we were lucky enough to borrow the costume from the Taylors so at least we got to give it back (and not spend anything). Liam spends enough time pretending to shoot webs at the dog and his brother without a costume involved. And I don’t know where it started because he’s never seen the cartoons or movies…

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