Five Question Friday

1. What is your favorite summer time activity?
I have lots of favorites: going to the farmer’s market, taking the kids to Frog Hollow and stopping for slushies at Sonic, going out to the lakeshore and spending the day at the beach and when my parents rent a house in Holland for the whole family (that is the best). Someday I hope to have a fire pit (and kids who I don’t fear falling into it) in our backyard and that will be my favorite thing!
2. Do you have one laundry soap you stick to, or do you buy whatever’s on sale?
Typically we buy whatever is on sale but last year my mom discovered the Sears brand powder with fabric softener in it and it is awesome! I’ve been using that for the last six months and love it, it cleans well and makes the clothes so soft without any overpowering smell. But I love the smell of fabric softener and have recently discovered Gain fabric softener and it smells so wonderful so I use a little bit with the Sears detergent.
3. What is your favorite dinner to make in the summer?
Grilled chicken and potatoes with sweet corn and strawberry shortcake. Note: The Hasselback Potatoes I linked to here are a new favorite but our standby is slicing a russet (skin on) in 3-4 big slices (length-wise), spray both sides with cooking spray and season with grill seasoning and then grill ’em up – about 20-25 minutes until cooked through. They are so yummy and easy, and you’ll impress your friends with doing something different.
4. Do you have any talents?
I think I’m pretty good at problem solving, or figuring out alternative solutions to problems. [see: bungee cord usage] But there is no one thing I’m exceptional at, I’m more of a generalist than a specialist. Growing up I took many different kinds of lessons: ice skating, swimming, gymnastics, ballet, piano, violin and guitar but never stuck with anything. I’m the same with doing crafts, I can do many different things and don’t stick with one specific thing for very long. Variety is the spice of life – or is that just what people say to make themselves feel better about not committing to something?
5. If you could instantly be an expert in something, what would it be? Why?
Growing up I wanted to be a pediatrician and while I couldn’t hack the schooling, I still think it would be so cool to be a doctor and more specifically a surgeon. How cool to have the knowledge and confidence to do surgeries. No specific kind of surgery, but just to be a surgeon. Also, it wouldn’t be half bad to have the skills/intuition to make loads of money doing something – like playing the stock market or whatever one needs to know to make a whole bunch of money. I promise I’d be a kick-butt philanthropist!


2 responses to “Five Question Friday

  1. See?!?! THIS is why I love you! We’re both aspiring philanthropists! We’d be like VanAndel and DeVos….only female on a much smaller scale. 🙂

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