Friday Evening Favorites

Pre-bedtime moments of bliss on a Friday night. The boys and I have a deal, as long as they are happy and quiet, they can stay up past their bedtime. (I do this with the hope that they will sleep in on Saturday – which they do, until the late, late time of 7:30.)

Liam and his handy LeapFrog TAG Reader – this is one of the best toys we have gotten from him. It really helped on our trip to Texas and now he learns a ton from these animal cards. Though he’s starting to resemble the kid from Jerry Maguire with the random facts he spouts, e.g., the mountain gorilla’s habitat is shrinking OR an anaconda is a snake that swims in water.

Then Liam wanted to take some pictures with my phone and caught the cute one above and the slightly scary one below (he gave us the direction of “look scary” and while I took him to heart, Jack could not be bothered). I share this for your enjoyment and in the spirit of full disclosure (remember, I did Photoshop our Christmas photo).


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