Music Monday: DMB

So I finally got to give Simon his Father’s Day gift… tickets to the Sunday show of the Dave Matthews Band Caravan in Chicago. Faithful readers (all two of you) might remember when I first learned of the 3-day event and posted this. Well… it turns out they were selling single-day tickets for a reasonable price – $85 for 12 hours worth of music, that’s like less than minimum wage (of course, I have no idea what minimum wage actually is anymore). Simon brought up the idea of going and I immediately shot him down, saying we weren’t going to spend the money on tickets and a hotel room and I didn’t want to ask my parents to watch the boys, etc… he was slightly perturbed as he’s always wanted to see DMB (it’s what the cool people call them) and I’ve seen them before.

Then my scheming began. I emailed my friend, Heidi, and asked if she and her husband would want to go with us and if they did, could we stay with them? And though it’s the anniversary weekend, they changed their plans and agreed to the plan. I called and asked my parents to watch the boys and they agreed. And then I booked the tickets… done and done. Then I just had to wait patiently to give Simon his gift, which is not easy for me. I usually end up blowing the surprise because I’m so excited to give someone their gift… I love giving gifts.

Loyal readers will also notice that David Gray is on the Sunday lineup… and I might love David Gray a little bit. But Simon’s joy with finally getting to see DMB trumps the benefit of my getting to see David Gray for the fourth (!) time (pretty much).

I’m quite certain my nephew, Mitch, will be a little jealous – he loves the Flaming Lips, though I can’t name you one of their songs. I have seen Emmylou Harris in concert before but aside from knowing one song by Michael Franti, the rest is a mystery to me. But I’m also of the belief that all music is great to experience live – any concert I can go to, I will most likely enjoy. [Note: There is one concert I have been to that I HATED, it was at the Festival of Faith and Music at Calvin and one of the performers was so, so strange I can’t even call what he did music. It was mostly shrieking and falsetto “singing.” We were in tears from laughing about how bad it was.]

I also hope that this day of music will outweigh the bad music karma Simon is bringing on himself by going to see Poison and Motley Crue in August (shudder).

The Sound of Sunshine | Michael Franti & Spearhead

Satellite | Dave Matthews Band (live in 1995)

Crash | Dave Matthews Band (live in 1999)

Where Are You Going | Dave Matthews Band (live in Central Park)

You and Me | Dave Matthews Band (live in 2010)

It’s going to be an awesome day! Happy Father’s Day to my sweetie!


5 responses to “Music Monday: DMB

  1. Glad to hear your present was a big hit – I bet you guys will have a great time! Your comment about the Calvin concert made me laugh – That’s funny…Do you remember what his name was?

    Oh…and I’m pretty sure more than 2 people read your blog 🙂

    • I’m googling right now to try and figure it out – none of the performers listed on the 2003 list seem to be the guy (was it 2003 or 2005, the year Rachel performed?). It could perhaps be David Eugene Edwards, I can’t find anything online that sounds as awful as I recall it [the performance] being. Glad you remember it as well 🙂

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