This is my 100th post… so there’s that. In honor of the 100th post, here are 100 things about me (in no particular order, once again).

  1. I have hazel eyes.
  2. My second, third and fourth toes on my feet are freakishly long.
  3. I can snap my toes (like fingers).
  4. I am a Christian.
  5. I’m married to an Australian (not just because I like accents).
  6. I have two kids – Liam and Jack.
  7. I have a dog named George, he’s a black, miniature poodle.
  8. I’m scared of strange things.
  9. I love listening to music, though I have a hard time liking jazz.
  10. I also like to read.
  11. I grew up going camping (yes, in a camper, but it still counts as camping, despite what my husband thinks).
  12. The only thing I’ve won on the internet is a set of DVDs for my baby (we’ve never watched them) and I fear this means I’ll never win anything else.
  13. In the 8 years right after high school, I moved 12 times.
  14. I love my mom.
  15. I love my dad.
  16. I love the rest of my family, too, in the US and around the world.
  17. I also love my friends.
  18. I do not love cleaning.
  19. I enjoy salty snacks.
  20. I was a surprise child for my parents (my brothers are 19 and 21 years older than me).
  21. I lived in Chicago for a year, but have otherwise lived in Michigan my whole life.
  22. My husband works for my alma mater, someday our kids will go there (with 80% off tuition, they have no choice).
  23. I went to public school until I went to college, which was private and Christian.
  24. I’ve been for extended visits to Australia and Kazakhstan.
  25. I went to the hospital twice to have Liam, both times to be induced but after nearly 40 hours (and an epidural) the first time, nothing happened and they sent me home. Seriously. The second time I wasn’t leaving without a child.
  26. Jack was much happier to comply with induction and quickly entered the world after three pushes and within 15 hours of checking in to the hospital. [For that, he could possibly be my favorite.]
  27. David Gray is my favorite singer.
  28. I don’t really have a favorite movie, but for a long time, I would have said The Saint because it came out shortly after I returned from Kazakhstan and they speak Russian in it that I could understand and I thought that was cool.
  29. I prefer dark chocolate to milk and think white chocolate is gross.
  30. I’ve managed to keep a houseplant alive for nearly a decade.
  31. In elementary school I wrote a profile about Queen Elizabeth and it was published in a school district book about famous women and someone from the Queen’s office wrote us a note of thanks.
  32. I subscribe to too many magazines and have stacks of them hidden away in a couple of places at my house. I wonder if I’ll ever read them.
  33. I truly have no desire to go on a cruise, but I’d be all for an all-inclusive resort.
  34. I have too many pairs of shoes (I make no apologies for that).
  35. I enjoy folding laundry.
  36. I also enjoy emptying the dish washer.
  37. I was “retired” for two months after college and went on an extended vacation with my parents to the east coast.
  38. I’ve met the Goo Goo Dolls.
  39. I was on the homecoming court in high school.
  40. I was a class officer – secretary, I think.
  41. I was student council president.
  42. I was editor of the yearbook.
  43. I really was that annoying… well, I was a joiner.
  44. I have been in two plays – one put on by the church I grew up going to and another for my middle school drama class – neither were great performances.
  45. I watch too much TV.
  46. But I really enjoy watching TV and love my DVR.
  47. Felicity was and is my favorite TV show.
  48. My favorite kind of cake is strawberry.
  49. I prefer pesto on my pizza with green olives, artichokes and mushrooms.
  50. I think I’m a decent cook and I know I make a mean pork taco.
  51. My high school job (along with babysitting) was working at Dunkin’ Donuts.
  52. In college I worked summers in an office filling in for people who were out on vacation so I worked as a receptionist, in the accounting department, for the electric plant doing data entry, on the landfill checking truck loads and at the compost center as a cashier.
  53. I taught myself to swim with swimmies and pure bravery.
  54. I fell in the pool one spring, when it was only about 6 inches full of dirty water and decomposed leaves from the previous fall, it was lovely.
  55. My best friend until I was five was the over 80-year-old neighbor lady across the street, we played cards together every week.
  56. My oldest niece is only 3 years younger than me.
  57. My youngest niece is only 6 months old.
  58. I am a great-aunt (courtesy of the eldest niece and her cute little Max).
  59. I like making music mixes and made many mixed tapes back in the day.
  60. I secretly love getting the mail and quite enjoy getting real mail and have been trying to be better about sending it.
  61. I’m a chronic project-starter, not so good at being a project-finisher.
  62. My vices are slushies and fruity, chewy candy. And margaritas.
  63. I could do all my gift and personal shopping online, if it weren’t for coupons, I’d even attempt grocery shopping that way.
  64. I usually drive when I am in the car with Simon (he says this is because I’m a control freak but really, I don’t mind driving and I know he prefers to ride).
  65. I have a head for both numbers and artsy things.
  66. I own quite a lot of knick knacks (but not too many as my husband and mother think).
  67. I love road trips.
  68. I have 210 blogs that I’m subscribed to in Google Reader.
  69. Thankfully my job is flexible and I’m pretty fast at it so I have time to read most of these blogs. Though not always so sometimes I just hit “Mark all as read” for a particular category and boy do I feel guilty.
  70. Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with balsamic vinegar and sea salt is something I could eat every day.
  71. I do not eat that every day.
  72. If I had to pick four drinks to have for the rest of my life, I’d pick Diet Coke, milk, margaritas and coffee (I’m assuming water doesn’t count and would be available).
  73. From 18 to 22, if I could help it, the only cereal I ate was Lucky Charms and I only drank Sprite.
  74. I think Teva flip-flops are the best ever.
  75. I still sleep with my childhood blankie.
  76. I never sneeze just one time (well, it’s happened once that I can recall – it was a big deal).
  77. My husband and I make cute kids together but we probably won’t have another one.
  78. I believe that I can still learn a lot from the Bible.
  79. I will never stop learning.
  80. I enjoy making lists.
  81. I can apparently never own too many cookbooks, picture frames or candles.
  82. I have a tattoo (Chinese symbol for happiness on the inside of my left ankle).
  83. I do not own a bike.
  84. I do however own a desperately-in-need-of-refinishing clawfoot tub – it’s in our garage where one might store a bike.
  85. If the question is ice cream, the answer is “yes.”
  86. I can be loud which can sometimes is mistaken for confidence when really, it’s just loud.
  87. If I could have a super power, I think I’d want to be able to fly (or read people’s minds).
  88. I have one friend who I’ve known since birth.
  89. I love my smart phone.
  90. I love my minivan (much to my chagrin).
  91. I walked into a pole in second grade and broke my glasses.
  92. I wear contacts 24/7 (including sleeping in them) and haven’t worn glasses since freshman year of college.
  93. There is nothing better than snuggling into a warm bed in a cold room and knowing there is nothing that will be waking you up in the morning.
  94. But there is also nothing better than snuggling with the people you love first thing in the morning.
  95. My favorite part of church is singing praise and worship songs.
  96. I’ve never broken a bone and always wanted to (when I was younger, now I’m thankful to be in tact).
  97. I rear-ended another car when I was in college; neither car had damage.
  98. I almost always have gum in my possession.
  99. I cannot fall asleep without actually wanting to – I never nod off watching TV or reading.
  100. I’m very thankful for my life.

8 responses to “100

  1. i.love.this.post! You’re so awesome. 🙂
    You’d store your bike in the tub, or in place of the tub? I love Teva’s too, and we are kindred spirits on #61.

    • Thanks, friend! While I don’t know about being awesome – I am pretty much an open book 🙂 Maybe someday we can finish a project TOGETHER!

  2. I enjoy folding laundry too, and putting up dishes 🙂 Loved your 100 things about you! WTG on 100 posts 🙂

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