Music Monday: What I’m Loving Lately

Back by popular demand (if I say it, it makes it true, right?)… Music Monday!

My mind is void of topics for this post, though I could tell you we had a great weekend and leave it at that. We had a great weekend (there was food, people and awesome worship in church; and Captain America and Chris Evans is attractive and Tommy Lee Jones was likable /long parenthetical).

This is what I’ve been listening to lately (and loving)…

Here We Go | The Fresh Beat Band (Yes, really. Liam LOVES this video so we play it often and both boys dance like crazy and now the song randomly pops into my head during the day – I cannot believe I linked to something from Nick Jr.)

I and Love and You | Avett Brothers (recommended by my SIL, Lynn)

Rolling in the Deep (cover) | Boyce Avenue (I know nothing about them or how I found them on You Tube, but I kind of love them)

Just Can’t Get Enough (cover) | Boyce Avenue

Breakeven/Fast Car (cover) | Colbie Caillat


9 responses to “Music Monday: What I’m Loving Lately

  1. Love these songs and the cover of “Rolling in the Deep” 🙂

  2. Fresh Beat Band…they’ve changed since we dropped the good cable. But I used to get their songs stuck in my head too! Yes, it’s going to be a week… And you’re always on my list. 🙂

    • I just discovered yesterday that Marina has left and they’ve replaced her – this does not make me happy (not that I care, but it’s strange they are expecting kids not to notice the redhead looks completely different).

  3. This Black Eyed Peas track is my kids current summer anthem. They all have moves – even Jadyn. Thanks for sharing your picks! Can’t wait to check them out 🙂

  4. Alright, the Avett Brothers made the list! I feel so honored, I am loving your blog!

    • Thanks – I love that song… I’ve yet to get through all the songs you guys gave me when we were there but when I do, it will be a post in itself 🙂

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