Top Ten Reasons Having a Five Year Old is Freaky*

*I could have also said terrifying, disconcerting, exciting, fascinating or wonderful (though I fear that last one would be stretching it a bit – much like saying having a puppy that never stops barking or running in circles is wonderful; cute, yes and highly entertaining, but perhaps not wonderful). But I kid, Liam himself is wonderful, but the five year old stage is, well, interesting.

To commemorate Liam’s turning five next Monday, let’s have a little look at the reasons having a five year old freaks me out.

  1. I absolutely do not feel prepared to have a five year old (of course, I feel this way at every age and will continue to feel this way as my kids get older). Simon and I often look at each other and ask, how did this happen? Wasn’t it just yesterday we were bringing Liam or Jack home from the hospital? And now that sweet little bundle is yelling at us that we’re stupid – super!Which leads me to…
  2. My baby is growing up – wahhhh!
  3. Teenage-sized attitude in a pint-sized body. I feel like this concentrates the attitude and makes it that much more infuriating (and at times hilarious). Liam’s a smarty-pants and knows he gets in trouble for saying “stupid” so now he says, “stook” (as in, “you’re stook!”). It’s hard to be too angry when he’s trying so hard to be furious while saying silly things.
  4. Five year olds go to “real” school (i.e., kindergarten). We can no longer take vacations any time but instead must plan around school schedules – no more off-peak road trips to Texas.
  5. He’s yet another step closer to being interested in girls and dating. Liam found a red heart gibbitz (decor for your Crocs) and immediately knew he wanted to give it to a little girl at his daycare, because “she likes hearts and [he thought] she would like it.” Though he assures me that the only girls he likes are myself and his friend, Keila, I know that will soon change.
  6. Other kids offenses start to sting a little bit more. Liam is super sensitive to others and perceived slights and his feelings will no doubt get hurt by friends (and foes) as he gets older and I don’t look forward to it.
  7. I can see glimpses of the man he’ll become and he’s pretty awesome (there’s the wonderful). He compliments me without prodding, asks for random hugs throughout the day and is genuinely sorry when he realizes that he’s hurt someone’s feelings.
  8. His brain is a more absorbent sponge than it has been. Things don’t escape his notice like they used to and we have to be more diligent about spelling things out that we don’t want him to understand and keep the television on age-appropriate programming.
  9. Liam getting older kind of means I’m getting older. I don’t feel too weirded out about getting older but it’s just all happening so fast… so cliché, but so true!
  10. I’m very excited to see what is to come! I think each age just brings more good things and more fun (and more challenges). It makes me excited to see what each year will bring.

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14 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Having a Five Year Old is Freaky*

  1. Seriously, he’s one of my favorite 5 year olds! So glad to know him. 🙂

  2. awww… it IS freaky, isn’t it?? But I just love this post. And I think 5-year-olds are also very influenced by their friends, so I’m glad that Tyler has a great friend like Liam! 🙂

  3. We had first day of kindergarten today so I can agree with EVERYTHING on your list.

  4. Wow, ughh the 5 year old stage will be at our door before I know it. Thanks for sharing and making me smile first thing in the morning.

  5. you ain’t seen nuthin yet—-wait till the teenager gets here ! ! !

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