Instagram | 23

A good lot of photos this week… it was a good week (even with a juice/raw food detox – which reminds me, I so should have taken a picture of my first meal post-detox. It was Mexican with green salsa and pretty tasty.)
My first raw smoothie – this one featured cilantro and pineapple. It was not my most favorite but I could have stirred it up more so I wasn’t left with a lot of cilantro and green stuff at the end.

I drank this “fake coffee” as I called it last week. As I wrote on Instagram, it wasn’t awful.

We still remember. Flags at half-mast outside of a client’s building. Driving by more flags at half-mast prompted Liam to ask me why they were that way and I started to explain to him the significance in general and then talked about why Sept. 11 was an important date in our history as a nation. Trying to explain pure evil to your 6-year-old is not easy.

The sunsets lately have been glorious and now the kids request that I take a photo of the sky on our way home.

Day four of the juice detox and I had to make treats for the weekend retreat I was going to… these Brookies… I was so diligent, I didn’t even lick batter off my fingers. But the one I ate on Friday night sure did taste good!

Jack has started wanting to “read” and look at books on his own. I love this.

Warm water + cold air + sunrise = beauty. God’s a bit of a showoff.

Portage Lake was bursting with photo opportunities.

Love how overpowering the sun is.

My dear Sarah DB… suited up to take on the Flying Squirrel (Fact: she and I both HATE squirrels).

Another shot of the sun with a lens flare – way to go little camera on my phone.

Am suspicious about the dairy in my diet, opted for a vanilla soy latte on my impromptu date with Simon yesterday morning. Again, it wasn’t awful.

3 responses to “Instagram | 23

  1. Love the pics from your weekend retreat – The lake looks like it was absolutely breathtaking! Also, can’t wait to hear more about your juice detox! The big question is…Would you do it again?

    • Will be typing up my review for grkids very soon… it was a good experience, I would do it again, I think… another time when I didn’t have a retreat right after because I feel like I undid a bunch of the good 🙂

  2. I love that you had an impromptu morning date with your hubby. And I thank you for yet another delicious-looking dessert recipe that I must try (as if I don’t have enough already…)

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