Wednesday, Wednesday…

Oh my goodness, I am a tired girl and it’s only Wednesday (technically Tuesday night when I write this). It’s just one of those weeks… blah, blah, blah… really, it’s just life. You cannot be a parent and not be busy. When you’re responsible for more than one person, you are just busy. Busy, busy, busy. I’m just going to repeat my main points three times.

If you’re not already watching it (and you like cop dramas), you should be watching Prime Suspect. It’s great. What is not great is Revenge and yet I still am watching it when it comes on. I cannot explain my actions.

I went to a fundraiser tonight. Aside from some of the organization’s staff, I was the youngest person there. The food was outstanding and they had a DIY cupcake tower/bar with “streams” of toppings which is something I’ve never seen before – such a cool idea. The idea was you dip your cupcake in frosting and then dip it in whatever topping you wanted. Though I opted to have a Vanilla  Java Stout instead of dessert – totally worth the trade-off. The fundraiser was for an organization that promotes literacy in the county and so there were word games you could play and I ended up winning the Scrabble game (each person could draw 7 letters and play the best possible word) so my time playing Words with Friends totally paid off!

Jack’s going through a clingy phase… he cries when I leave him at daycare again and tonight when the babysitter arrived, he came running out of his room, crying and saying,” I don’t want you to go, mommy!” What to do with this child? He is an unpredictable mystery to me.

Liam still loves kindergarten and still says recess is the best part, though he has nothing bad to say about it at all. He was telling me yesterday that if their lunch table was full that they could also sit at the peanut-free table. He takes a PB&J sandwich every day, I told him that he probably shouldn’t sit at the peanut-free table, hopefully somebody is monitoring it, wouldn’t want Liam causing anaphylactic shock. He does get to buy his lunch from time to time and the last time he was excited to tell me that he got a Gardenburger and he LOVED it! Hopefully no one will ever tell him that they are made out of vegetables.

And that’s all she wrote… look, a cute puppy:

Source: via Ali on Pinterest


6 responses to “Wednesday, Wednesday…

  1. I love random posts. What’s a vanilla stout? And I want that puppy.

  2. That puppy kind of creeped me out. Then I thought it was cute. I don’t get flowing do they do that?! Our lunches have to be Nut free. It’s exhausting. Who knew how much I depended on peanut butter and it’s family products.

  3. Oh my goodness, that puppy is so darn cute! Does someone you know own it, or did you find the pic randomly on the Internet?

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