Top Ten Things I’ve Googled [Recently]

Can anyone remember what the world was like before the Internet and Google? Well, that’s a little extreme, of course I remember because I’m not that old to have forgotten or so young that the World Wide Web was always a part of my life (I’m just right). But it makes me laugh to think that I used to look up answers to things in a dictionary or encyclopedia. And if I couldn’t find the answers there I’d either not know the answer or ask my dad (because he knew everything, or was really good at faking an answer). Present day, if there is something I don’t know the answer to, I do what everyone else does, I Google it – either on my laptop or my phone – answers are really never more than a few seconds away. Of course, they aren’t always the right answers, but even the wrong answers can be amusing and it gives me the opportunity to use my skills of discernment to decide if I think that particular website is full of bunk (see Google makes me smarter).

And since I share a list of amusing search terms that led to my blog, I thought it only fair that I share a list of terms I’ve used in searching for answers to some of my many, many questions. The search terms people use are so telling about what is going on in their lives and what is on their minds, I actually since this mundane list fascinating about people. What won’t show up here are the number of times I turn to IMDB to help me remember where I’ve seen a certain actor before or to learn the name of a random guest actor on a TV show I’m watching. Also not here are the searches I do on WebMD… the modern version of my mom’s medical encyclopedias. At least I don’t believe everything I find there, otherwise I’d be quite certain I have cancer and also malaise (a general feeling of unwellness).

In no particular order, Google terms I’ve used (I’ve learned the more specific, the better):

  1. How does an upright piano work | Because I wasn’t certain the piano strings were called “strings” for my GR Symphony review for Kids on the Grand (coming soon)
  2. Natural heartburn remedies | Because I suspect that Prilosec is actually making my heartburn worse (I also used the term “Prilosec cause heartburn”)
  3. Sturdiest carry on luggage | We need a good suitcase we can use to strap Jack’s car seat to and tote him around the airport using just an “O” ring from the hardware store, our current one does not have a locking handle
  4. Computer acting like it’s the first time I’ve logged on | Because my computer was acting like it was the first time I used it
  5. How to get a toddler to sit still | I hoped perhaps someone found a miracle cure to toddleritis, no such luck. I believe this was in a moment of desperation.
  6. old navy free shipping code | Because if I’m shopping online, I hate paying for shipping
  7. star wars party favors | I have a five year old…
  8. russian honey cake | best cake I ever had and that was 15 years ago, but since it was in Kazakhstan, I’ve never replicated it but I knew Google would help me out. Now I just need to make the cake.
  9. Thai house grand rapids closed | Because my favorite Thai restaurant is now closed without any warning or signage left behind to tell us what happened… dear lady who ran Thai House – where are you? Can I come eat at your house?
  10. Group purchasing websites | Because I remembered I bought a JcPenney deal but couldn’t recall which site I bought it through, answer: Plum District.

So there you go, my mundane list of searches…

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6 responses to “Top Ten Things I’ve Googled [Recently]

  1. Any luck finding out the why behind #9? It’s so very sad…

  2. #2…yes, Prilosec does increase hart burn! That’s because of the acid reducers, and your stomach needs x amount of it, and prilosec decreases that. You need more acid. Try the apple cider vinegar with mother. It sucks going down, but it does the trick!

    • Sunday nothing was working (including the apple cider vinegar) – I think the whole episode was set off by regular apple cider so I’m being careful this week because my stomach is still upset. Ick. Bad gutt.

  3. I am certain that my short term memory impairment is directly connected to Google. I don’t remember anything because I don’t have to remember it.
    Try acidophilus for the heartburn and Kid Mode on the iphone for toddleritis:)

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