Travel notes


Here’s the benign retelling of our travels. Gotta love technology that lets you draft blog posts from the air!

We’re on our way, aboard the plane for the first let of our trip, GRR to DFW. There are two kids our flight that are not ours and two dogs. Along with two very grumpy business travelers who got stuck behind us while boarding (sorry guys, but it’s not like your waiting for us to get situated in our seats made the plane leave any later and your loud sighing did not make us move any faster).

I had a momentary fear that Jack pooped as we were backing away from the gate but he loudly announced, “I not pooping!” Whew. Bullet dodged.

We ran into my coworker in the airport, they were actually getting off the plane we were going to be getting it. It was strangely comforting  to see familiar faces in the airport. She alerted us that our flight attendant was fabulous and so far he is awesome, the friendliest flight attendant I’ve ever encountered. If you ever have Fritz on an American Eagle flight, you’ve lucked out.

Jack is a furious seat kicker, unentertained by everything. Liam declared it was a ling flight 30 minutes into the flight. We can only hope the drugs homeopathic alternative treatments will work.

Three hours until takeoff when we are stuck on a plane for 16 hours.

Trickily, we get to celebrate new year’s eve on the plane because we cross the international date line and our flight gets into Sydney at 10 am Jan. 1.

Happy New Year!


2 responses to “Travel notes

  1. Oh, Michelle – You are so entertaining!

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