35 Before 35, one year down

A year ago (give or take a few days), I turned 33 and I posted my 35 Before 35 list. Now that we are a year into my two-year to-do list, it seems like a good time for a recap – really to make me see what I need to accomplish in the next year and to help kick my butt into gear. (I totally said “butt” on my blog – don’t tell my kids because I wasn’t in the bathroom when I said it – you’re welcome – and I really don’t want to put soap in my mouth.)

  1. Go camping with the boys. [We’ve been thinking really hard about this one… does that count? But I have a good feeling this will get done.]
  2. Take another road trip with the family. [Planning on it for next February/March. Though we did quite a bit of driving in Australia, so that should count, right?]
  3. Start a chore chart/allowance system for the kids.
  4. Teach Liam to ride a bike. [Not yet without training wheels, but I wasn’t specific, now was I?]
  5. Read at least 20 books. [Reading books is not something I have a problem accomplishing, my problem is how I avoid everything else when I’m reading them.]
  6. Participate in a 5K – walking or running.
  7. Sell our house and move into our “forever” home.
  8. Make plans to visit Australia with the boys. [I should get double points for this one because not only did we plan it, we did it.]
  9. Go on a girl’s weekend with my friends. [Went with Tracey to Boyne last fall but have another one in the works for this fall with the larger group of Rooks’ girls – haven’t quite told my husband yet – shhhh.]
  10. Take a 2+ day trip with just Simon. [Date set for a trip to Chicago in July – I’m totally jumping the gun with crossing it off because I can; this does not mean it won’t happen.]
  11. See at least 5 live musical performances. [4/5; DMB Caravan, Sara Bareilles, Boyce Avenue, The Verve Pipe – one left and I am dying for a live musical performance – sans kids.]
  12. Teach Liam to read. [Liam is reading and I know I had a hand in it, but certainly his teacher gets more credit than me. And our satellite radio receiver, which he reads the song titles off of every time we’re in the car.
  13. Potty train Jack. [I could write a novel about how happy this makes me.]
  14. Go to ArtPrize twice. [One down, one to go.]
  15. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants. [10/10; Marie Catribs, Electric Cheetah, Cabana Tres Amigos, Beltline Bar, Brick Road Pizza, Flat River Grill, Leo’s, One Trick Pony, Marco’s, Crooked Goose]
  16. Take Jack to his first movie in a theater. [I sure do hope he can sit through a movie sometime in the next year, but that is questionable.]
  17. Go mini-golfing with the boys.
  18. Take the boys to a hockey game.
  19. Attempt to grow out my hair for locks of love. [Still growing… I need another 4-5 inches, I think. But my grey hairs easily prove my hair is untouched by dyes and chemicals so at least it is “virgin.”]
  20. Send at least 8 “care” packages to out-of-town friends and family. [2/8 – better start mailing things]
  21. Meet my WW’s goal (way before 35). [Initial goal, met, now need to get back in the bandwagon for the rest.]
  22. Get Jack baptised/dedicated at church. [The weekend we returned from Australia, of course.]
  23. Stay at the JW Marriott.
  24. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  25. Visit Great Wolf Lodge.
  26. Get an hour-long massage. [I got a 20-minute one, so I guess I had better work very hard on this one.]
  27. Plant a garden. [I planted flowers – and though I believe I was intending this to mean vegetables, we’re calling it good.]
  28. Send someone flowers.
  29. Join a bible study. [We joined a small group – that’s good enough for me. (And also, awesome)]
  30. Continue writing this blog. [Again, one year down, one more to go but all indicators point to yes.]
  31. Start AND finish a quilt. [Ha, ha, ha. But I did make Halloween costumes for the boys – the only time I’ve touched the sewing machine this year.]
  32. Tackle the crazy basement once and for all. [It’s as tackled as it’s going to get.]
  33. Re-finish a piece of furniture.
  34. Get the boys sharing a room so we can reclaim a guest room/office/craft space. [Now if only they would go to sleep or stay in there quietly at bedtime.]
  35. Get vinyl flooring installed in our kitchen. [This might be the most boring thing I my list, clearly I was stretching for a 35th item.]

Well, that review made me feel so much better, though there are many big things left to accomplish. And lots of trips… here’s hoping!!!

What would you like to accomplish in the next two years?


3 responses to “35 Before 35, one year down

  1. #16 we took our grandsons (5 and 8) to see the new Brave cartoon/movie,. They both loved it ~~~ I definitely recommend it

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