Travel notes, part three


We’re now on the last leg of our flight

: just over an hour from Brisbane to Sydney. Qantas continues to impress, we were fed a full continental breakfast within five minutes of take off (again, for a 70 minute flight). The highlight of the breakfast was my peach, mango, passionfruit yogurt – delicious – it’s too bad passionfruit isn’t more common in the States because it is so good!

The remainder of our ling flight went pretty smoothly, though the kids woke up about 8 hours into the flight and couldn’t be convinced it was still time for sleeping. Alas. We took many bathroom trips and I gotta say, not sure how the mile high club exists since I barely had room to change my nearly three-year-old’s diaper. Being awake most of the flight did allow me to watch two more movies in a 7-hour span: What’s Your Number? and Crazy, Stupid Love. Incidentally, both are movies featuring some amazing sets of abs, but only one of the movies was actually good (hint: it wasn’t the one with Anna Faris). I actually laughed out loud and with vigor at the end of the second one.

The flight crew was amazing, bringing meals for the boys once they noticed they woke up. And a cold water and chocolate treat for me. I seriously could not be more impressed. Excellent customer service is such a rarity these days.

During our stopover in Brisbane, Simon and I got our flat whites (coffee with steamed milk) and the boys split a Lift (sparkling lemon soda). Our first taste of Australia… Next up a stop at the Heatherbrae Pie Shop on our way north from Sydney for a meat pie and a spinach roll. We miss the people most but the food as well.


5 responses to “Travel notes, part three

  1. Oh, this has been so fun to read! I am SO thankful that you’ve made it through to the other side and it sounds from this end that all went so great! I miss you all and cannot wait to hear the rest of your tales!

  2. So glad to hear that things are going well! And so fun to read this all as you go along… It does NOT feel like you are on the other side of the world! Technology these days… 😉

  3. This is so fun to read, Michelle! I’m vicariously travelling with you. 🙂 MIss you so much!

  4. Ditto remarks from Stefanie, Keri and Sandy. This modern technology is truly amazing and who ever thought I’d be typing a reply
    to you while you are off somewhere in Australia or maybe you really
    are in OZ. This definitely will be something for Liam to have in his
    memory bank. Thanks for including this on your Christmas card as
    I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world as you are a good story
    teller and I’m looking forward to reading more on your adventures.

  5. So glad that you had good travels to Australia – Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

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