Notes from a Big Island

I don’t know if the image gallery above will work correctly, but here are a few shots from the first week of our trip here, you can click on them to see them embiggened.

Highlights include:
– A second and third Christmas with presents and lots of delicious food (thanks everyone, especially Sandi for the food and Christmas pudding); this included many photos of the family and cousins with grandma – so wonderful to have them all together
– Swimming at the beach near grandma’s and a pool right next to the ocean that fills with sea water when the tide comes in
– Jumping on trampolines
– Getting kissed by dolphins and a seal, feeding penguins and posing with a python at the Pet Porpoise Pools
– Visiting Billabong Koala Park and petting kangaroos, wallabies and koalas (did you know there are white kangaroos?)
– Eating two delicious Jordanian meals prepared by my sister-in-law, Ola (also eating one “traditional American” meal of enchiladas, prepared by me :))
– Pedicures and manicures with my two sister-in-laws
– Cuddles with cute baby cousin/niece Jasmine
– Morning walks that include a short trek along the ocean with gorgeous views

So far we are having lots of fun and packing in lots of family time. Stuart, Ola and Jasmine left yesterday and this week will be a little more low-key as Simon’s mom went back in the hospital this morning for another blood transfusion and also because she was feeling pretty unwell (she has high levels of iron from monthly blood transfusions – she doesn’t make her own red blood cells so she has to get the transfusions). We’ll be waiting to see what the doctors find out. We have some more visits planned with extended family,  a double date with Sandra and Joel, and more beach time – plus lots of snuggles with grandma Dorothy.


2 responses to “Notes from a Big Island

  1. love seeing these…praying for you!!! love you!

  2. LOVE these pictures, LOVE the update, LOVE how happy (and FANTASTIC) you look, LOVE you!

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