Music Monday: Grammy Recap

So the Grammy Awards were last night and I was a little disappointed by the performances but I had something thoughts that I’d love to share with you, this may or may not be interesting to anyone but me (and maybe Stef).

  • First: Adele = love. She’s got such a BIG voice that you forget she is so young (21 or 22) and I thought it was adorable when she finished singing “Rolling in the Deep” that she let out this cute little giggle/sigh and just reveled in the moment. That is someone who deserved every award she won last night (and some that other people won, whether she was nominated or not).
  • Did anyone else find it a little… wrongly worded when Springsteen, the opening number, shouted “Are you alive, America?” Slightly insensitive to the fact that a huge music icon had just died the day before and the ceremony would of course be impacted by that, I just thought it was a poor choice in words, but I’m not the biggest Springsteen fan (sorry, Lynn and anyone else I know who loves him)
  • I wonder if any other award show has ever been opened with prayer, including the Dove Awards – LL Cool J is cool in my book for doing that, I didn’t notice if anyone refused to shut their eyes and bow their heads
  • Not surprisingly, Foo Fighters won best rock song since they were the only nominees who were actually a ROCK band… as a bonus to them, they got to perform twice (though once would have been enough) as a non-bonus they were played off and had the lights turned down on them at the end of their acceptance speech.
  • Speaking of performing twice, I still think you are a tool, Chris Brown, and think it’s a crying shame you were there and actually won something. You suck.
  • They let that idiot perform twice but only let The Civil Wars do an excerpt from their song, for why?
  • I sure wish Taylor Swift would stop that stupid incredulous look when people cheer for her – it’s been a few years now, you should not be surprised that people like you.
  • Dear Katy Perry: Your performance was strange and uncomfortable, very sorry you are getting divorced.
  • Dear Rhianna: Leather shorts are NEVER a good look, even in Barbados but singing with Chris Martin from Coldplay is always good (as Simon said, I’d take a pitching, imperfect LIVE performance from Coldplay than an autotuned, lipsynced performance from anyone else)
  • Low lights in the performance category: Beach Boys, Paul McCartney (Sir is getting too old for this), any and all Chris Brown
  • High lights: Adele (obvs), Jennifer Hudson tribute to Whitney Houston, Coldplay, The Civil Wars, looking at Adam Levine, Lady Gaga only wearing one outfit.
  • Did anyone else catch the Chipotle commercial:

And that’s all I got for ya… any thoughts on the show?


4 responses to “Music Monday: Grammy Recap

  1. Oh, how I love you. We are kindred spirits.

  2. Thanks for the shout out – I was beyond disappointed by this years Grammys, though super happy for Adele’s wins for several reasons:
    a) I just wanted her to win. I love 21 and my only regret about this pregnancy is that I listened to that album so many times during my first trimester that I now often associate some of the songs with feeling queasy – hoping that fades soon
    b) she just deserves it – so cute – what a fun ‘comeback’
    c) she kept Bruno Mars (sorry) and Lady Gaga from getting any of my unwanted attention
    By the by, what in the world was with that Bon Iver. Huh??
    I’m not really sure who forgot to mail the performance invitations but thank goodness for all of the old people who had off of Bingo for the night. I do not understand however why they allow people on stage who can no longer hold their breath long enough to actually sing. The ‘speaking my song’ thing just doesn’t work for me. I fell asleep halfway through and honestly thought I was perhaps dreaming when I woke up to see Chris Brown (again), that weird Mickey Mouse and Foo Fighters (again). Hm. I don’t enjoy any of them once, let alone twice.
    Taylor Swift. Well, I really enjoy her album. That’s all I can say. I just can not watch the girl. Like, ever. At least she didn’t do that awkward head banging/hair twirling thing that she does on every other song she sings.
    I heart Chris Martin. I do not heart watching Rihanna writhe around on the floor. I especially do not heart watching Chris Martin check out Rihanna’s chest. All was forgiven however once he moved onto Paradise. Something about how the pitch of his voice is always so steady fascinates me. That and the fact that he’s a cute nerd.
    Okay, that may be all for now.

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