I love…

Well, no mushy Valentine’s posts from me… I’m really ambivalent about Valentine’s, I love it for the sake of the kids, but I don’t really need to go above and beyond on a particular (slightly manufactured) day for my husband – though I did get him some of his favorite beer (Dirty Bastard – the name of the beer, not at all a description of my hubs) and he got me roses because I do appreciate flowers (ANY time).

But I’m going to take a page from Sandy (who took a page from the PW) and list the things I love, in no particular order (except the first five, because, duh).

My parents
Anything that comes in a box from Amazon
Sunshine, with no humidity
Honest to goodness rainbows
Family, near, far and everywhere
My First Rooks girls
My MOPS ladies
All other friends from everywhere else
Dark chocolate
Books and Kindles
Diet Coke
Monkey bread
Meijer Gold tomatillo salsa
Entertainment Weekly
My crazy long toes
Jack’s adorable little hand
Liam’s angry face
Laughing until I cry
Walking with Sandy (but of course)
Homemade chocolate chip scones
Coffee granita from Kava House
Pulled pork tacos (my own recipe)
Being crafty
My blankie
Painted toenails
The automatic sliding doors on my minivan
Sterling roses
The Time Traveler’s Wife (the book, not the movie)
Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version, not the book)
Traveling (without kids, someday I might like it with them)
Lake Michigan
Going to camp at Camp Roger
Awesome praise music at the start of a church service
A handful of good-looking actors (not naming names, but here are a few)
Live music
Music on my iTunes
Blaring music in the car
Listening to either of my boys sing
Girl’s night out
Making lists
Being the youngest
Christmas Eve
Christmas lights
Pristine, untouched snow
Making a client happy
Making people laugh
Vanilla java stout
Seeing the sunset from a plane
Watching the sun rise in the mountains
Flower buds poking out of the ground
Having insurance
Living in the US (not that it’s better than anywhere else, I do just love it)
West Michigan and Dutch bingo
Chicago at Christmastime
How excited Liam is to see me when I’m at his school
How Jack throws anything in his hands to the ground when I get to daycare
Community, doing life with others
Being understood
Being heard
Being loved


2 responses to “I love…

  1. I made the list!!! happy dance!

  2. i’m gonna say i made the list too as: a)mops friends, b)a texting pioneer, and c)i still give myself credit for you blogging. 🙂 great list!

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