Around the interwebs

Now that I’m using Pinterest, I haven’t been starring posts as much in my Google Reader but pinning them instead. So rather than sharing a bunch of those images with you [if you click the hyperlink up above there, you’ll see my pin boards – crafts and recipes abound], I’ll share the writing and posts that have struck me and perhaps they will strike a chord with you as well.

The funny

The moving

  • The Luckiest by Tricia of Teaching Ty and Tuck [I could pretty much include everything she writes, but I particularly love the song she’s talking about]
  • Breastfeeding isn’t free by Sarah at drunkenbee [I think I might have linked to this before, but’s worth a second read]
  • (title unknown) by Alicia at Posey Gets Cozy [simple heartbreakingly honest]
  • A beautiful c-section by Kristin at Today’s Parent

New to me blogs


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