Music Monday: The Movies

So the Oscars were last night (well, technically tonight since I’m writing this Sunday afternoon – forgive me, I’m a plan-in-advance-when-I-can kind of girl) so to honor them, here are some of my favorite songs from movie soundtracks.

My Heart Will Go On
| Celine Dion from Titanic
I once sat in a living room in Kazakhstan and performed this song with my Kazakh roommate (she played the piano) for a Russian girl’s 18th birthday. Funny on so many levels; so glad this was prior to the days of YouTube and viral videos because I’m quite certain I was overly emotive because why not? You can’t sing Celine Dion and not go all in, especially when you will NEVER see the people you are singing for again and you have dutifully drank all the vodka they have continued to pour in your glass because it is considered rude to refuse (I think it’s safe to say I didn’t want the birthday girl’s large family thinking I was rude).

Ice Cream | Sarah McLachlan from Bed of Roses
Though I’ve mentioned this one before (last week) and featured it from our wedding CD, it’s a favorite, so it must be here, too. Hello overkill, pleased to make your acquaintance.

Wayfaring Stranger | Jack White from Cold Mountain
This movie still haunts me but oh, how I loved it.

Constant Sorrow | O, Brother Where Art Thou?

Lose Yourself | Eminem from 8 Mile
Also awesome from last year’s Chrysler commercial.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me | Randy Newman from Toy Story

Really, the list could go on and on so I’ll stop there with that variety. What’s your favorite song from a movie?


6 responses to “Music Monday: The Movies

  1. I’m always so impressed with your ability to recall such accurate emotional memories 🙂 Usually as I’m reading your blogs I’m thinking, “oh YEAH!” as you pull my own memories out – such a gift 😉
    I think I would have to add ‘Feels Like Home’ from Hope Floats to my own list of movie favorites – still gets me every time. And maybe even ‘Iris’ from City of Angels. Hm … I may go give a listen now – !

  2. I agree with “Feels like Home” from Hope Floats.

    That, and anything from Forrest Gump. I literally went straight from the movie theater to the store to grab the soundtrack.

    • You know, I think I did the same thing with Forrest Gump… loved that whole soundtrack! And Hope Floats… perfection, that is a movie I could watch over and over again!

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