Confession time…

It’s that time again, time for me to confess to you all…

  • I already facebooked* this one: over the weekend but I finally took down the Christmas decorations (why yes it is March, why do you ask?); comments on Facebook revealed I’m not alone in the slackerdom – aside from over-achiever, Heidi, who took hers down before Christmas but who also gets a pass because she was moving back to Michigan the following week
  • Related confession: we don’t put up a Christmas tree, instead I decorated the windowsill about my kitchen sink with my favorite Christmas ornaments
  • Another related confession: along with not having a Christmas tree, I also don’t intend to dye Easter eggs with my kids; don’t worry, they get an Easter basket and we do an Easter egg hunt (of the plastic, candy-filled variety)
  • I love it when Liam gets stuck on something while playing the Wii because then I get to step in and help him out. I love this for two reasons: 1) I love playing the Wii and 2) Liam thinks I’m pretty cool for that one minute
  • I do not love helping out in Liam’s classroom (but I also don’t hate it). In theory, this should be a great, fun experience but in reality it’s like wrangling a herd of hyperactive cats. Last week I made green eggs for 24 kids, scrambling them up for four different groups of six kids – it was the fastest 60 minutes of my life. It makes me glad I’m not a teacher (mad props to those who are) and that I don’t have 24 5-to-6 year olds – can you imagine?
  • I also don’t love meeting with potential new clients for the first time – the introvert in me hates making small talk while the extrovert just wants to be liked… but it’s a necessary thing if I ever want to get more business. Why can’t people just give me work over the phone or by email?
  • Saturday I stayed in my pj/workout clothes until mid-afternoon, this is nothing new but I just thought I should tell you.
  • I downloaded a Rihanna song, it’s this one:

    (it’s a great song, perfect for working out, but I kind of hate Rihanna)
  • I socialized every night this week and couldn’t be happier about that – not so much a confession, I realize… but that’s my prerogative to share it; I also love that my kids have my social butterfly tendencies (not that Simon doesn’t, I’m just much more of a joiner, planner than he is) life is just nice when you enjoy being around people.
  • I fear this week won’t be as exciting and I’ll feel distant from people because last week was so chock full of stuff – the downside to having fun; you can’t keep up the pace forever.
  • I love, love, love my boys!
  • When Jack gets out of bed for the tenth time in an hour, I don’t know how much I like him. I feel bad that the last thing he hears before finally going to sleep is often me yelling at him. But if he would just GO TO SLEEP, there would be no yelling.
  • When my nail polish grows out of gets chipped (typically on my toenails) I simply paint over it with the same (or a darker color), I never take it off and start over unless I’m getting a professional pedicure.
  • As mentioned, I got a shellac manicure on Friday. Friday and Sunday nights I had nightmares that my manicure peeled off – I woke up relieved to find it was perfectly in tact. I think it’s sad that my definition of nightmare includes “nail polish that doesn’t live up to expectations”

*Yes, facebooked, I’m going to pretend it’s totally a verb, along with “googled”


4 responses to “Confession time…

  1. I also love that you said ‘about my kitchen sink’ … 🙂

    Thank you for your honest confessions, of which I wish I had time to comment on them all (that right there was most likely not proper English). However I will second the lack of enjoyment working in (at least) C’s kindergarten class. I was super high stressed trying to appropriately engage all of the voices/hands coming at me at one time and their ‘projects’ always seemed an epic fail – which in turn pretty much meant my guidance in showing them how to do such project was also an epic fail. I remember always being embarrassed when the teacher came by as I was hanging them up to dry or cleaning up the mess. I’d usually give her a puzzled shrug and smirk as if to say, ‘there’s just not much help for those artistically challenged children’ when we both knew full well it was my artistic handicap transferring through their work 🙂

  2. I helped out in both boys’ classes on Monday, and seriously wanted to drone out. I know these are memories for them and big helps to the teachers….but come on!

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