Music Monday: Hunger Games

I saw The Hunger Games twice this weekend – once with my girlfriends on Saturday night and again on Sunday with Simon. I had told him that if I liked it, I’d go see it again with him and I guess you can deduce that I liked it.

Here’s my take: both the book and movie are excellent but the book is definitely superior. The movie had to boil down a whole lot of content into nearly 2.5 hours and it still felt fast. It probably could have been well served with some voice over to explain things you wouldn’t get until you’d read the books (like: Peeta is not as toolish as he appears to be in the movie). And it turns out I liked all the main characters so much more in the movie than I did in the first book, despite Peeta’s toolishness. But my husband, who hasn’t read the books, very much liked the movie and got what was going on so you can see the movie without first reading the books – though it’s definitely a movie for a more mature audience since the premise is centered around a fight to the death between 24 12-to-18 year olds. Please do not take your ten-year-old to see it unless you want them to be upset and have nightmares.

Side note: Despite the books being targeted at a mainly teenage and female audience (though certainly they appeal across the board), the previews for the movie were definitely going for the male 20-30 audience which made my friends and I laugh since we typically don’t get to see previews for action movie when we go out to a movie together.

Here are a couple of songs from the soundtrack (though not actually played in the movie, so I’m not sure they can call this a soundtrack).

Kingdom Come | The Civil Wars

Safe & Sound | Taylor Swift with The Civil Wars

And just because I find it funny and it’s a play on Rihanna’s lyrics to “We Found Love.”


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