Thursday Randoms

  • Have you entered my FIRST giveaway (let’s assume it won’t be my last)? Your chances are pretty good so go check it out and comment. Unless you are like me and slightly wary of Burger King, in which case, don’t be because they have some good stuff and for a free $25, it’s worth checking out. Just sayin’.
  • I’ve been watching two new comedies that I’d recommend checking out: Best Friends Forever (premise: recently divorced woman moves back to NYC to live with her best friend and best friend’s boyfriend, wacky hi jinx ensues) and Bent (premise: down on his luck, former gambling addict contractor convinces Amanda Peet’s character – recently divorced – to let him remodel her kitchen). Both are fast-paced, have slightly off-kilter characters and great supporting casts. Give ’em a look-see.
  • I painted my nails over the weekend (all by myself) with a new OPI color – Thanks a WindMillion – it’s a breezy sea green color, not at all my norm and I rather love it (thanks, Michelle – not me, Michelle, but my friend who is also named Michelle who introduced me to it). But let me tell you, maintaining a nail color is a project. I’ve touched them up a couple of times since then but I am super glad I bought a new top coat (Sally Hansen Professional, it’s actually pretty awesome).
  • Per a referral from Jill at The Diaper Diaries, I’ve been using Organix Moroccan Argan Oil this week and I kind of love it. My hair is super soft and perfectly shiny. I found mine at the local grocery store but I also found you can order it on Amazon for a cheaper price per bottle, problem is, you have to get 4 larger bottles so does anyone want to go with me to get some?
  • We were listening to fun.’s song “We Are Young” in the car at the lyrics in the beginning go, “My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State” and so of course Liam asked, “What’s the Empire State?” And I told him it was a very tall building in New York and that the people in the song were jumping very high. He was contented with that explanation, but am I horrible for not taking that song out of rotation.
  • Liam still says “extra-size” instead of “exercise” and I will hurt anyone who ever corrects him. He also says, “Phineas and Firm” instead of “Phineas and Ferb” and I kind of love that, too.
  • Jack took off his pajamas and diaper the other night before falling asleep so of course his bed was wet in the morning so we have entered the backwards, zip-up pajama phase of having a child again. Liam did this same thing and now Jack is trying his hand at it. We tried duct-taping the diaper on, with little success but I think someone told us to try backwards pajamas and it totally worked. Here’s hoping because changing a bunk bed with a double mattress is not my favorite thing. [Sidebar: just realized I’ve been spelling pajama incorrectly, at least in my head and perhaps other places – sorry folks, I’m not perfect. If there was any question.]
  • Liam has his little belly button procedure tomorrow morning completely with general anesthesia. Fun times. I’m hoping it will be drama-free and very low on the pain scale. I’m very thankful my parents will be arriving this afternoon to help out with Jack while we are at the hospital tomorrow and for when Simon goes to work tomorrow night. They are staying until Sunday so we can go out Saturday night for our anniversary. Love them!
  • It’s our anniversary on Monday. Seven years. It seems like so much longer and like no time at all – which is probably a good thing – does that mean it’s a perfect balance (note: I did not say perfect marriage 😉 we are both flawed and fully aware of it).
  • Simon’s mom has been in and out of the hospital recently with some heart trouble (likely related to her recurring dropping blood counts and needing transfusions) but we’d appreciate prayers for her and Simon’s sister who has a lot on her plate with taking care of everything and needing to have surgery to figure out why her recently replaced hip keeps going out of joint (I think we can categorize that under “Not Fun”).
  • My friend, Sandy, is having a baby!!! She finally spilled the beans to everyone but I have known for a while now and it’s been killing me!!! [But apparently, I can keep a secret when it’s not mine to tell… I’m growing as a person.] She’s had a couple scares recently with the pregnancy so she’d also welcome your prayers and good thoughts! And HUGE congrats; so exciting!
  • Still super loving our new small group – the people are great, the study is thought-provoking and God is doing good things with our marriage and friendships with other couples. Happy day.

Here’s a question for you… is there anything you’d like to know about me or like me to blog about? I’d love your feedback/comments on that one (i.e., I’m in need of a little blog inspiration).


2 responses to “Thursday Randoms

  1. I’ll be spending the morning tomorrow thinking of you guys and in prayer for Liam. I agree….hopefully it’s drama free!

    Did you find that oil at Meijer? I’m headed there and I want super soft hair! (I have the shiny…but I want soft too! Can I possibly have it all?!?!?)

    Hooray for baby! THANK YOU for your prayers and support. Love you friend!

    • Thanks for your prayers! Yes – it’s at Meijer – I got mine at the Cascade store. It’s at the end of the aisle, across from the Suave products (I think). Love you back!

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