Instagram – Week Four

Jack finally hit five days in a row with potty training so he earned some long-awaited goodies in the form of a Hex Bug Battle Bridge to attach to his Hex Bug habitat. We love Hex Bugs.

Jack referred to this as a funny Squinkie, Simon quickly corrected him with, “You mean, Magneto!?”

A fun visit to our local park until two 9-year-olds came along and started swearing… seriously, thanks kids.

Two of my favorite boys.

Girl’s Night Out… love that girl, Sarah! Love my MOPS friends!

At Sarah’s the next day for dinner and sharing parenting responsibilities while Simon was at work and Brian was out of town. Hands full and happy hearts.

Sigh – we’ve had to resort to putting Jack’s jammies on him backwards since he’s resorted to taking them (along with his diaper) off during bedtime.

This bubble wall is in the outpatient waiting room at the Children’s Hospital… so fun. Though strangely the woman at the check-in desk made a comment specifically about the wall, saying that the only thing they probably would do differently was not put in the bubble wall because of calcium build-ups. Very random small talk since we hadn’t even noticed the wall when she said that. But perhaps her intention was to get us to go look at the wall – done and done!

Liam’s surgery went very well, no issues or complications and the surgeon even discovered a small hernia which he stitched up while he was in there. Recovery went less smoothly and Liam started crying when got to the recovery room and said that his tummy hurt. Poor kid just wasn’t prepared for it to hurt and to feel sick from the morphine. He slept on and off for three hours and then drank a blue slushie. Then he threw up a blue slushie. It was pretty impressive how quickly he sat up before puking. But after that he was a little better and soon we went home. But that evening his appetite was back and by the next day, no more pain. Our little trooper! I’m just sad about the blue slushie – that was what he was most looking forward to about the hospital visit.

We played Up the River, Down the River (or Oh Hell). I won. This is rare. It was worth a photo.

My dad, Jack and I took a little walk around Millennium Park and topped it off with a ride on the swings. We were the only ones at the park because it was only 40 degrees – I’m disappointed in the other wimpy Michiganders who don’t go to parks in just above freezing weather.

imageOn our way out we discovered a momma duck sitting on her eggs just a few feet from where we were swinging. She was super well disguised and super pissed that we were near her nest. While we were checking her out, she started puffing out her feathers and I thought it was best that we walk away considering it would be just our luck to add “attacked by a duck” to the inexplicable situations that Jack has gotten into.

This is my 300th post – wowsers!

And BK gift card winner to be announced tomorrow – thanks for commenting!


6 responses to “Instagram – Week Four

  1. So then we aren’t odd that we go down slides in snow or jump out of swings into drifts?? 😉

  2. Happy Instagram!

    And I had about a bazillion other comments for your pictures…but now can’t remember a single one of them.


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  4. You haven’t invited me to Millenium Park yet. I don’t understand. 🙂 And I love these posts a lot!!

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