Music Monday: Seven

Happy anniversary to my hubby – seven years of wedded bliss (or something like it)! I already talked about our wedding CD here (check it out – I loved our wedding CD, maybe you will, too).

We celebrated this weekend with dinner out at the restaurant we went to for our first anniversary. Thanks to a Groupon and my parents being in town to watch the kids. Our standard gift to each other for our anniversary is a very nice dinner out (though this year we both got something for the other – apparently we need to revisit the rules of our gift-giving) because along with loving music, we also share a love of food.

Anywho… where was I… happy anniversary wishing to my hubby. Happy anniversary, my dear – love you mucho! So glad you are in my life. So thankful for our boys. So thankful we share a love of music. Here’s to many, many more years of good food, good people and good music.

Top Seven Songs from Our Seven Years Together

Better Be Home Soon | Crowded House
Simon’s favorite band who we got to see in concert in Ann Arbor and Chicago. One of my favorite songs by them, it just belongs here.

Once in a Lifetime | Keith Urban
We got the “Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing” CD as a Christmas gift in 2006 – my SIL, Janelle, adores Keith Urban and gifted us with the CD. Janelle wasn’t the only fan in the family, apparently so was a baby Liam – we listened to this CD night after night when Liam was between 4 and 8 months. He usually needed a little catnap each evening after daycare but wouldn’t go to sleep anywhere but in his swing and would fight it like crazy with lots of crying (which he did regardless of whether or not we were trying to get him to sleep because he was TIRED. One night I put this CD in and cranked up the volume and left the room; before the end of the first song (this song) he was out cold. This continued, nightly at 5:30, until he no longer needed that catnap to make it through the evening. The whole album was a sanity saver.

City of Blinding Lights | U2
Last year I got to fulfill my (nearly) lifelong dream of seeing U2 in concert. We heard this song from outside the stadium during sound check and I can still feel the chills, knowing I was finally going to see them live – they did not disappoint.

Jackdaw | David Gray
It’s only appropriate that we also got to see my favorite singer live (multiple times) but the first time we saw him together, this was one of my favorite songs from the evening.

Need You Now | Lady Antebellum
I cannot hear this song and not think of Simon, but not because it’s a booty call song (this is exactly how I found it on YouTube, by looking up “booty call song country” because I couldn’t remember the name of the song or band, no lie) but because we heard it more times than we could count on our roadtrip to Texas last year. This is what happens when a song is super popular and you are in a car for long stretches during a short time frame (this also happened with the song “You and Your Hand” by Pink and “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People – from our trips to Australia).

Just Another Day in Paradise | Phil Collins
Just because my sweet, AC/DC-loving husband also LOVES Phil Collins and won’t let me turn off the song when we come across one (or one by Genesis) on the radio but this is actually a Phil Collins song that I will listen to without complaint (and only a little mocking).

#41 | Dave Matthews Band
Last summer we also got to fulfill Simon’s slightly-shorter-than-lifelong dream of seeing Dave Matthews Band live (would have also been mine but I saw Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds while I was in college so I wasn’t missing out as much as Simon was). This was the first song on the set list and the moment I’d been waiting for that whole long (and fun) day – seeing Simon hear DMB live and in person for the first time.


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