New app = new fun

I discovered a fun app that allows me to add drawing and text to my photos… expect much fun to come of this… like a poor (wo)man’s Photoshop for my phone…

At festival last weekend the boys asked me to play hide and seek with them… so keep in mind that they are hiding from me – the person taking this photo…


I believe the above is a sign I’m getting old. Last summer I got random dark splotches on my left hand after being in the sun and this year I’m getting a much larger dark spot on my right hand, below my pointer finger. It’s more noticeable in person and looks like a bruise. I keep poking it thinking it might hurt at some point, it doesn’t. I promise it’s not because I missed that part of my hand with sunscreen (mostly because I don’t put sunscreen on my hands and I wash my hands after I apply it to the children, though I guess it’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility). Hopefully it’s not a sign I’m dying.

At a stop light the other day I looked in my rearview mirror and saw this guy behind me… just lovin’ life…
After we turned the corner, he roared off… uncharacteristically long hair streaming out behind his head. Methinks someone has had a midlife crisis. Also, not matter how cool your car is, you cannot pull off a mullet. You just can’t.


8 responses to “New app = new fun

  1. Wow…your bruise!

    And mullets should be outlawed.

  2. You crack me up. Love the new photo captions – Super funny. Reminds me of the VD season finale photo recap that you sent me 🙂

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  5. I have almost the exact stain on hand. Was wondering what the heck. My husband says it was because the day I was at the beach (in Brazil) I was drinking my water with fresh lemon in it and some lemon must of got on my hand. It makes sense after I googled it but was wondering if you were in contact with lemon juice when this occurred. 🙂

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