Instagram | Week 24

Hello again! Happy day before Friday!

Remember Mr. Cool from this post? Well, he pulled up behind me at the same stoplight last week so I had to take his picture again. The funny thing is, after the last post, two friends of mine told me that they went to church with the guy and he is actually very nice and normal but he has this convertible he pulls out when the weather gets nice. More power to him… he just amuses me and I like when I see the same people twice in the same spot – serendipity.

I see personalized license plates EVERYWHERE lately and so I’ve started taking pictures when I can. (though the bottom left one isn’t personalized so much as unfortunate with the fives looking like S’s from a distance). What I don’t understand is personalized license plates that are not obvious… what is the point if it is just your own little inside joke? Maybe that is the point but it’s a point I do not support. If I were to ever get one, it would be obvious, like AWESOM or I ROCK or SMILE – if you’re going to go to the trouble, have the confidence to make it count.

My husband has official coach-wear, I think this is adorable (and also manly). The back of his jersey says “Boss” which is amusing when he wears it at home.

While Simon was coaching rugby, we spent the day in Lansing visiting my parents. The boys had lots of fun pretending to be “minjas” (as Jack says) wearing exercise bands around their heads.

We had a bit of a wait at Wolfgang’s for breakfast (well worth it) but the boys were a little stir crazy so we told them to go hang out by the wall (a better option than staring inside at the people eating). They looked like little street urchins (you know, in Columbia fleeces), especially when Jack starting sprawling out on the ground.

We toured ArtPrize with my comrades from and at the end of our trip we tried to get a picture of some of the kids at the Calder with the grkids’ stickers on their backs… it was moderately successful. In other news, I love the Calder.

These were Liam’s favorite pieces – all featuring animals (surprise). I do love the horses in the river.

Sunset in Michigan, though the horizon almost looks like mountains. I love that Liam was the one who told me to take this picture – he has an eye for beauty.

From just this morning – the sun was streaming through the clouds our entire way to school and Liam said, “It looks like Jesus is talking to us.” Love that.


3 responses to “Instagram | Week 24

  1. I love that too.

  2. I saw the sky this morning too! I wondered if anyone else saw just how beautiful it was. I LOVE his comment about it.

  3. The two best personsonalised plates I have ever seen were both on Aston Martins when I lived on the Gold Coast. The first was O2B007 and the best one WAS-HIS (being driven by a 40something botox blonde)

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