Music Monday: The Happy Edition

Because it’s a gloomy Monday and we need a little pep and because it’s not-so-baby Wesley’s first birthday, how about some happy music for Music Monday? [And also because I cleaned the disaster area that was existing under our basement steps and donated 6 bags of clothing – I win at the Olympic sport of spring clean up after massive procrastination.]

Wonder | Natalie Merchant – For Wesley

Be OK | Ingrid Michaelson – If ever you doubt yourself, listen to this song and you’ll remember that you’re going to be okay.

Merry Happy | Kate Nash – Put a little oomph in your step with this one.

Australia | The Shins – Had to pick this song for the name alone.

Upside Down | Jack Johnson – Johnson is the perfect pick-me-up for a rainy day.

Ants Marching | Dave Matthews – You can’t hear the intro violin (or would it be a fiddle in this case) and not smile, at least I can’t.


One response to “Music Monday: The Happy Edition

  1. Thanks for the Wesley song dedication, my friend! You are too sweet!

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