Gratitude, 21-40

21. Friends who are like family (and family who are friends).

22. George’s groomer who always makes him look so cute, even with his jaunty little scarf.

23. Getting an hour of silence thanks to the Kindle and the Wii… I’m not above using technology for mental health purposes (my own mental health).

24. Amazon Prime.

25. The laugh-value of the Olympics closing ceremonies – I kept saying (to myself), “Oh come on, this is as good as they could get?”

26. Morning cuddles with my boys.

27. That there is a Smashburger in Grand Rapids.

28. Friends who don’t get sick of me when they see me five out of seven days in a week.

29. Other friends who have all boys and our play dates.

30. Simon coming home early on Wednesday night – always a gift when we get evening time together.

31. Older brothers (especially mine).

32. Getting to hold babies, feed them bottles and give them back.

33. A doctor who agrees I should get physical therapy for my neck since I can’t sleep on my back without waking up with a headache (I’m hoping physical therapy includes some massage).

34. Goodies fresh from the garden.

35. Sweet corn from the Curtis Family Farm (it’s the best).

36. Liam’s generous, thoughtful heart.

37. Watching Jack play “family” with Chloe and Victoria from daycare.

38. A babysitter who not only takes care of Jack’s bloody nose, but changes the sheets on his bed the very first time watching our kids.

39. Groupons for dinner downtown – date night!

40. Grocery shopping without kids.

What are you grateful for lately?


6 responses to “Gratitude, 21-40

  1. you’re so sweet. but how do you grocery shop without kids?!

  2. I am so SOOOOO grateful for your help last night at C’s bday party! I would have been lost without you. And less a few great laughs without your boys. 🙂

    • I told Simon last night that one of our children faked peeing in the yard and one did it for real, three times… he guessed which was which 😉 So glad we could celebrate with you!

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