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No Music Monday this week, though I would recommend the following song (it’s an oldie but a goodie): Yellow | Coldplay

And now, my week in Instagram photos:
Olympics closing ceremonies, pretty much my favorite part was the Union Jack setup on the stadium floor, everything else was a bit… meh.

Every time George gets groomed, they put a scarf on him and this time I happened to be wearing a scarf as well… photo opportunity!

We’ve had some gorgeous sunsets this week and Tuesday evening we were treated to a real stunner the whole way home. Complete with a shot of my favorite photo subject.

The boys of summer, Sandy’s kids and mine at her youngest’s birthday party. We won’t talk of the multiple times Jack peed in her yard (without taking his swim trunks off) but instead remember how much fun was had.

Heidi had to run back in her house to grab something for me so she handed me Hutch through the driver’s side window – I would snuggle him all day – what a sweetie! Also, I might have been tempted to drive away with him if I didn’t already have my own cute boys.

Jack’s guitar playing technique might need a little fine-tuning.

Friday night we camped out in my friend Stef’s backyard with her family (Stef has a much better pic of the three of this but this is all my phone’s camera would do). Simon was not inclined to take my place after he got out of work at 11 p.m. (can you blame him) so the boys and I cozied up. The whole experience was super fun, despite the cold, cramped quarters and I would totally do it again. Our small group all got together for a cookout and smores earlier in the evening and since everything happened outside, I feel like I can mark camping off my list. Check!

The following was a text exchange between myself (outside in a tent, where it was so chilly I had to wear a hat on my head to keep warm) and Stef (inside, with her 3-month-old, nice and warm):
Me: I have a hard time believing it is 60 outside right now. That’s all I’m saying.
Stef: Obviously the person in charge of the android weather system isn’t sleeping inside a tent. And neither am I… bwah hah hah.
Me: I checked, too. Liars, all of them.
Stef: And whores.
Me: Dirty whores.

Jack has picked up a new habit of telling you things, but pausing first to raise his pointer finger up as if to say that whatever it is he’s about to tell you is a brilliant, new idea. Usually, it’s just that he’s hungry for Goldfish crackers.

We love hanging out with friends. Amy and I took our kiddos on a walking tour of downtown, mainly to visit the huge tire swing there but that visit was short-lived because Liam didn’t like it. Ugh. Don’t you hate it when you have something fun planned and your kids aren’t as into it as you would have hoped, but then they happily spent 30 minutes “painting” your deck with water and a foam brush.


6 responses to “Instagram | 19

  1. But if you had planned for them to “paint” the deck with water, they would have hated it. 🙂 Also- at least Jack kept his swim shorts on-, Tyler felt the need to drop his pants to the floor/ground every time he peed up until about 6 months ago. Love Jack holding up that little finger. And that conversation with Stefanie is hilarious- you guys should take your show on the road…

  2. You’re getting a LOT of play out of the painting the deck thing- I adore that! The picture of the boys makes me grin. Dave and I were CRACKING UP at not only the fact that Jack just let it go when he had to, but that he ANNOUNCED it everytime. 🙂 Your sunset pictures are beautiful.

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