Things I Hate

  • When I accidentally click on the wrong icon in my quick launch toolbar so then I have to wait for the program I didn’t want to load and open, only to shut it off again.
  • Diet Pepsi and restaurants that carry Pepsi products and suggest you get a Diet Pepsi when you’ve asked for a Diet Coke. No, Diet Pepsi is not a proper substitute for Diet Coke, I’d rather have a water (or an enema).
  • Autocorrect on my phone. I do not “live” my husband, I love him. I do not “flop flop,” I flip flop. No, I did not mean to randomly type “pneumonia” but instead meant “no one.” Ugh.
  • Cleaning urine off of various things in the bathroom thanks to boys and their bad aim.
  • The participants on the show The Bachelor Pad. I’ve never watched it but I know I would hate them, the clips I have seen look so annoying. In other reality show hatred, I really dislike that spazzy woman on one of the dance shows, Mary something-or-other, in real life I would be tempted to smack her when she started shrieking.
  • App updates in my news feed on Facebook.
  • Vague Facebook status updates, if you want to hint that something is going on then tell people what is going on, don’t go fishing for people to ask you what is going on.
  • When my can of Diet Coke runs out. Sad times.
  • When my children quickly do something so cute after doing something pure evil that I can’t help but smile or laugh at them. I hate missing out on righteous anger, can’t they give me that moment?
  • Overpriced food in restaurants. If I’m going to pay $40 for a steak, it better come wrapped in lobster and with a $20 gift card. And I should not have to pay extra for a dinner salad.
  • Having to pick up a soggy napkin/tissue/toilet paper to throw it away, even if it is just water.
  • The crunch of killing a bug.
  • Having my nose be cold – it’s quite pointy and sticks out there so it can get cold easily. [Side note: I ran into girl/woman I went to school with from 5th-12th grades and she said she recognized me from the side because of my nose. “That has to be Michelle.” I didn’t really know what to say to that. I don’t think it’s as noticeable as say, that girl who is married to the Jonas brother – Simon cannot let a preview for their E! show go by without commenting on her nose.]
  • Sweet pickles. Give me dill or give me nothing.
  • Parsley just sucks. Do not like.
  • People who don’t observe the rules of the road at four-way stops (we need more roundabouts like in Australia).

5 responses to “Things I Hate

  1. Sweet pickles are gross.

    • So gross… there is almost nothing worse than accidentally biting into one, thinking it is a dill pickle. I am always suspect until I see the jar it has come out of.

  2. I agree with most of these things, except I really think you need to retry diet pepsi. I like Diet Coke, but I revisited Diet Pepsi and I find them both nice though different. I really think Diet Pepsi is Light, Crisp, and Refreshing as promised and so I vote a retry by michelle.

    • the last time I had diet pepsi I got the worst headache… prolly not actually related, but now it is mentally related but I will give in to wild cherry pepsi. I’ll let you know when and if I do retry (just for you). 🙂

  3. it’s almost ridiculous how much we agree on. obviously-diet pepsi-hate sweet pickles-vague updates-bug crunching…i could have written this post. 🙂 also: i’ve never noticed your nose, which means it must be perfect! 🙂 xo

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