Music Monday (On Wednesday)

Here’s a random collection of songs I’ve been loving lately. They make no sense together but there you have it.

Gonna Get Along Without You Now | She & Him – I’m sorry, but how cute is Zooey Deschanel – love that she’s in a “band” (performing duo?) with her husband.

Little Talks | Of Monsters and Men – Bring on the pep. They are from Iceland. Now you know.

Sooner or Later | Gavin Creel – So mellow, so good. Love the lyrics of the chorus.

Give Your Heart a Break | Demi Lovato – One thing I’ve learned, never say never when it comes to music. I have a music collection full of songs I would have said I never would have liked, purchased or downloaded (I’m looking at you country music genre, boy bands and Taylor Swift). I heard this song, liked it (mostly because of the chorus – her voice is a bit much otherwise) and then realized it was Demi Lovato and I still purchased it, I’m not too proud to admit it.

One More Night | Maroon 5 – Oh Adam Levine, so glad The Voice is just about back!

Stay Awhile | Ryan Star – Something about this song just keeps me coming back and listening to it over and over again.


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