Music Monday: Road Trip

I got to ride up to the women’s retreat with a car filled with some incredibly lovely ladies, in prep for the trip I made us a road trip CD – because making mixed CDs is just what I do (anyone surprised?).

The perfect road trip mix should have some good sing-along songs, some current faves and some pertaining to the weekend at hand (in our case, religious and inspirational; in other cases they have been all fun and empowering, i.e, a girl’s weekend trips to Chicago).

The playlist – starts peppy and poppy, mellows out and brings in the inspirational and finishes out with some good sing-alongs:

I’ll give a big high five to the person who guess what song #19 is (Track 14 by Tom Petty)…


If you went with Free Fallin’ then you are 100 percent right (and you’ve probably watched Jerry Maguire).

Here are some YouTube videos in case you want to listen.

Home | Phillip Phillips

10,000 Reasons | Matt Redman

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) | Kelly Clarkson

You’ve Got the Love | Florence + The Machine

Free Fallin’ | Tom Petty


5 responses to “Music Monday: Road Trip

  1. I love “Home.” It is so many things wrapped in one song.

  2. I love most of the songs you listed. Just like you i believe is not the same without good selection of music.

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