Tuesday Randoms

  • I voted today. I have not always voted because I have not always cared. But today I voted. Because I believe that if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about the outcome, whichever way you vote. And I like to complain. It’s a special gift.
  • Though there are two bathroom stalls in our office building’s women’s restroom, people post-training from the gym, regularly change in the main part of the bathroom (i.e., not in on of the UNoccupied  stalls). Why? Do they want to be seen naked by the general public who may be entering the restroom or walking by as the door opens? Myself, I prefer to change where there is no risk of someone seeing me, but perhaps I am a prude or too modest.
  • I like to imagine I can do fancy calligraphy and then I try it and it looks like the attempts of a third-grader (no offense, third graders).
  • Some people I may or may not be married to always beat me at Words with Friends, this makes me determined to trounce them sometime.
  • Ceelo had a jheri-curled wig on last night’s episode of The Voice. Every time he talked to one of the performers, they would inadvertently touch their own hair and can you blame them? I think he does things like that to see if anyone will ever call him out. They do not. [Also, Google jheri curl and be entertained by the images that come up, they are fierce.]
  • I watched the CMAs last week. I suppose I will take live performance music almost any way I can get it (though I refuse to watch other performance shows outside of The Voice). I do not get the draw of Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan or Little Big Town (who sing a song called Pontoon which I feel like is a metaphor for something but I cannot get past the song title). I do still love Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, The Band Perry and Zac Brown Band – judge away.
  • We were listening to a song on XM radio on Sunday and the name of the guest artist that was featured with Lifehouse was cut off so you could only read “Na..” and I said to Simon, “Who is that British singer whose name starts with Na? She was on Chelsea Lately that one time.” Simon was no help to me and just laughed that I thought he would know (in retrospect, I was barking up the wrong tree, but Stef would have been able to tell me, I think). SoundHound told me it was Natasha Bedingfield and the song is Between the Raindrops.
  • I am kind of loving the show Nashville. So many familiar faces. One of the former Lucky characters from General Hospital, the wonderful Connie Britton, that guy who used to be on Who’s Line… (sorry guy, don’t know your name), and the love-to-hate-her Hayden Panettiere who is awesomely unlikeable.
  • We have nothing planned for this coming weekend except small group and I am so excited! We’ve had a lot of plans and it’s nice to be unscheduled.
  • Thanksgiving is in TWO weekends (ruh oh); GWA (Girl’s Weekend Away) is next weekend (happiest of happy days). And then it is holiday madness. I am woefully unprepared.
  • As I posted on Facebook, Jack ate a frozen waffle for breakfast this morning. Which expands the list of things he will eat for breakfast (outside of cinnamon rolls and donuts, which, let’s face it, aren’t that much worse than frozen waffles but we do not regularly have them – also, Jack will not eat homemade cinnamon rolls, only those we have purchased at a restaurant or store – WHAT IN THE WORLD) to THREE things. Toast (with Vegamite or butter/cinnamon sugar), Fruit Loops and frozen waffles. I don’t think he is a picky eater because of texture issues, I think he is just that stubborn about food.
  • A year ago I went away for the weekend with my friend Tracey; ironically (or perhaps just coincidentally) we went to the same northern Michigan city where the fam and I went last weekend… this makes me laugh; apparently I am starting a new tradition of going to Boyne the first weekend in November every year, it’s a tradition I wouldn’t mind.

4 responses to “Tuesday Randoms

  1. I say that all the time myself, if you don’t vote don’t complain. And my husband stomps me to the dirt with Words with Friends….Yet I beg him to play a game with me

  2. I am also horribly unprepared for holiday madness. I have a feeling this is going to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants holiday season. I am also horribly behind in late night television (late= anything after 9pm)…which means I’m missing all the good shows. Here’s hoping for a good summer rerun series!

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