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This is one of those forever weeks – I am surprised today is not Friday but sadly, there is a whole day left to the remainder of this week! Weekends feel so short and weeks feel so long, wish it were the opposite. How does one get two-day work weeks and 5-day weekends? Now my dad will gloat that everyday is a weekend to him – someday I will be retired.
The sun was on fire one of our morning drives last week – times like that I wish I had more than my measly camera phone.

See, so pretty.

I’m a little in love with large velcro rollers. Minimal effort, big impact. Having long hair is fun while it lasts… Simon is counting the days until I can chop and donate it!

We took Jack to his very first movie [in the theater] – Ice Age: Continental Drift. These are the lovely photos we have to document the experience, but since we have none of Liam’s first movie, I’d call it a win! He was pretty good for the movie but asked a TON of questions – thankfully the theater was pretty empty on a Thursday morning.

Liam was Jango Fett for Halloween – after making costumes last year, I was all for buying one this year. He was all for being a Star Wars character, too bad I had to explain to everyone who Jango Fett is… Angry Birds were universally recognized last year.

Little brother loses out and has to rewear Liam’s old costume… in reality he was thrilled but doesn’t the little brother always get the short end of the stick?

Why does my hair always do cute things when I am home for the night? I did this fun, oh-so-shiny bun after the kids went to bed on Halloween night. At least I can share the fun with Instagram and my lovely blog visitors – you guys are so pretty.

Liam approves of Spoonlickers. I do not approve of his new face for photos. He thinks he’s pretty neato, clearly.

The boys on our way north last weekend. Liam was suitably excited, Jack did not want to smile for the camera. Too bad, buddy, still taking your picture.

We saw snow, then it went away, and then it came back again and then it went away. I am an excellent observationist and storyteller.

The boys were super excited to get new swim goggles. Did they actually where them in the water park? Nope.

Saturday, after dinner, we drove into town for some libations. Simon picked them well. The boys slept upstairs. We watched Juno downstairs. Everyone was happy.

This is Liam’s interpretation of flying that I asked him to do so I could try and score a free ticket from Southwest Airlines.

Again, Jack is not willing to cooperate for the photo, but they really did have fun.

Sunset on the way home – the end!


6 responses to “Instagram | 28

  1. OK…seriously LOVE the shiney, pretty bun and I would like a how-to. not sure my hair is long enough but i want to try.

  2. I love your posts. They make me laugh. Too bad, buddy, still taking your picture. Ha!

  3. It’s great having long hair! Why does Simon want you to get rid of it?
    You can do do much more with it for so much less work!

  4. LOVE the curler picture! And Liam’s dapper face? Totally James Bond-ish….shaken, not stirred. 🙂

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