Monday Musings


Happy Monday – Liam’s school got cancelled today so I spent the morning working from a coffee shop and then he and Simon joined me for lunch at the deli that’s attached to the coffee shop and now the pipsqueak and I are working together – he on the iPad playing Big Piggies and me wrapping up work stuff and blogging. I quite love working in coffee shops – I’m super productive when I’m not constantly telling Liam to quiet down (i.e., the whole morning = productive, since lunch = not so much).

  • I’m not sure who’s more excited about Jack’s birthday party at our local frozen yogurt place – Jack or myself. We’re just doing family – once the kids turn five, they get a friend party and then again at 10, the in between years we’ll let them pick a friend or two and do something special (Liam has already decided which two friends he would like to take to my niece’s cottage in August – which makes me laugh). But regardless, he asks daily when his birthday party is and shows me how much fro-yo he’s going to eat (THIS MUCH). 
  • We watched The Decendents (with George Clooney) this weekend and halfway through, Simon said, “Can this movie get any more depressing?” No, it probably could not have. But it was good and George Clooney was unlike his normal debonair characters, in the best way possible.
  • I saw Les Miserablès last night and I’m not sure what to say about it. Unlike most people, I have never seen the play or read the book and aside from cultural references to it, I had no idea about the story line or the characters. I had read about this movie and how they filmed it and clearly the actors did a good job since they are all nominated for various awards. But… I think I could say that I could take it or leave it. I never once forgot that I was watching Hugh Jackman play a part, which is not a dig at his acting (it was splendid),  I just didn’t get into the story. Perhaps I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, or whatever, because I can also say that is was impressively made and very well done so it’s not like I thought it was bad, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I do find it ridiculous when every line in a musical is sang, whether it is part of a song or not I enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook so much more. But the movie is epic and if you have an affinity for the story or the musical – do go and see it, you won’t regret it. Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter would perfectly cast and Amanda Seyfried has a gorgeous voice.
  • While we were in the theater it snowed a crazy amount and then freezing rain came down on top of it – that was not my favorite. Made worse by my poor choice in footwear – ballet flats (the ground was clear when we went into the movie and I missed the forecast of snow).
  • After a whole boatload of Friday nights with Simon (the last two date nights and before that his being off for the holidays), I missed my hubby this past Friday night. Friday nights when they are just like any other weekday are not the bees knees.
  • SAG Awards last night = another sporting event for me, so fun to make fun of celebrities and give Simon a running commentary to make up for having to listen to his commentary on FA Cup soccer tournaments.
  • Just when I think my boys are getting better about their behavior (because they have been getting along with each other at home so nicely), we take them out in public and I remember what they are really like. Saturday we went to Home Depot to order flooring for our kitchen and OMG… crazed little monkies would have been better behaved.
  • Suits is back, love it and Harvey.
  • Downton Abbey is also back and while I haven’t watched last nights’ episode yet, I gather I’m in for some drama given the comments I read on Facebook after it aired. My fave was “Downer-ton Abbey…”
  • I feel bad that anyone else is up against Daniel Day-Lewis for acting awards, he’s so clearly going to win them all this year.
  • Jack turns 4 next week – gulp!
  • I’m helping out in Liam’s class tomorrow… pray for me.
  • I was still in the top five for Biggest Blogging Loser last week, we’ll see how this week goes – I had a bigger weight loss so I am hopeful, but really, I’m just glad to being back on the right track.
  • I did 2.5 miles on the elliptical on Saturday and felt dead and was a sweaty mess – clearly this is a tougher workout than my normal 10-12 miles on the bike, which gets my heart rate up but doesn’t put me so out of breath. I’m learning – baby steps 🙂
  • I’ve been eating a lot of baked salmon with fresh dill and lemon juice – it is delicious, fresh out of the oven or cold on a salad. Come over, I’ll make you a salad.

2 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. YES I’ll be over- I LOVE your salads!!!

    And I’m realizing how much catching up we have to do and how much I miss you! WITHDRAWLS!!!!!

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