Cha- cha- changes…

Well, things are in the works, many, many things… as predicted/anticipated, 2013 is the year of change. Our house officially goes on the market Thursday and today the realtors came, staged the house and took photos (which I am super excited to see because the house as never looked so clean and neat, like really ever) and we have our first showing tonight. Last Wednesday Simon and I went house hunting for the first time and found our dream house, which we made an offer on, an offer that was subsequently accepted that afternoon. We are not time-wasters or huge comparison shoppers, we know what we like/want and when we see it, we have no problem committing to it. I call us efficient; this way of life doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for us.

Since we made the deal I have not looked up any other houses online and I removed all the handy home search apps from my phone; barring any huge surprises, we have found our home that is seemingly perfect for us for where we are in life and what we hope for our family moving forward. I do believe you know when you find your place, you know it is where you can envision your family and when you find it, you don’t ignore it (especially in our current housing market where homes are literally on the market for hours before they are unavailable). And the fact that Simon and I were able to agree on a home, that is in itself a miracle and answer to prayer; we are both what you might call stubborn and opinionated, which is great when we agree but not so great when we are opposed.

Our realtor felt strongly that our finding a home to move into was going to be more difficult than selling our house, which is why we opted to move forward with purchasing prior to selling our current home. I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying many a prayer that this is indeed the case and that we will get a quick offer. I’m trusting that God led us this direction because it is the least stress-free, but I also know that things aren’t always neatly wrapped up. So if you think of it… send some happy thoughts and prayers our way for a quick sale, preferably at asking price, because that would be a nice bonus.

So, we have the house thing underway which is a bit of a big deal and will in all likelihood mean that Liam will be changing schools come this fall – we could leave him at his current elementary school but when he found out he could ride the bus to his new school, he quickly said that was where he wanted to go because he “would just make new friends on the bus.” Love my buddy and his go-with-the-flow attitude. He also wanted to be sure he could still have play dates with his BFFs from his current class. Sure thing.

My business partner also left a package on my desk this weekend letting me know I had a new job title: President. So there’s that.

I look back at that list from just three months ago marvel at the answered prayers. Simon hasn’t yet moved to first shift (there is still hope and I am still hopeful) but the rest, taken care of. God is good. Life is good. Other questions arise and other things come up that need to be prayed over or dealt with, but there is no doubt about it, change… it’s a coming. Lately I’ve been really feeling like a grown up. Funny how that happens. Most days I feel like I’m just pretending. Anyone else with me on that one?

And in case you were wondering, here’s a pic of our new house… hopefully I’m not jinxing anything by sharing it!



14 responses to “Cha- cha- changes…

  1. congrats on the new digs, madam president!

  2. So excited for you!! Where are your new digs? (Hopefully closer to me? πŸ˜‰

  3. I think the PRESIDENT needs to expounded upon — πŸ™‚

  4. the PRESIDENT thing needs to be……………………

  5. No jinxing, if this is from God, sharing a photo won’t break it πŸ˜‰ I like the ranch style!! I can’t wait to go house hunting for my ‘forever’ house. Someday, I tell you, someday. Blessings on your move!!

  6. that’s awesome, Michelle. I hope Jimmy and I will have similar good news in the next few months.

  7. YES! Not only am I able to comment again (restarting the computer is always the answer, I guess), but I’m SOOO EXCITED about your move!!! YES! And I love the house too! How many exclaimation points can I put in one comment?!?!?!?

  8. Congrats, prez!! How did I not hear THAT news? (And still SUPER excited for you about your new place, of course- yay!!)

  9. yippeee!!!!!

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