It’s Friday!

Happy end of the week to you! After Simon got home from work last night I had a sad revelation, it was only Thursday night and not Friday night – a whole day of work was still between me and the weekend – ugh. Granted, it’s not hard work, but it’s also not sleeping in (ha, as if that happens, especially since we took the child lock off the door leading upstairs – now the kids can just run upstairs the minute they wake up and there’s nothing to stop them).

As usual, I have a bunch of thoughts swirling around in my head so you get a list… enjoy and feel free to share your own random thoughts in the comments.

  • While we were in Texas, Simon took Liam to tour the U.S.S. Lexington and came back with a slew of photos that all looked like the above – Liam standing in front of something, a slight smile on his face and hand shoved in his pockets. This is classic Liam – when he’s super excited about something, he clams up and acts super shy. Every birthday he opens presents that I know he has been desperately wanting and gives this timid reaction akin to what you would expect if he opened a package of underwear or a box of oatmeal. This baffles me because he’s normally pretty exuberant about little things in life but when it comes to things that you would think would get a big reaction, he looks just like the above picture… like eh, whatevs… this apathy drives me nuts.
  • Our house listing went “live” yesterday and we have an open house scheduled for Sunday afternoon. There’s nothing more we can do at this point. But I am seriously considering baking cookies and creating a coffee bar for the open house… you would totally want to buy a house where the owner was so hospitable, right? [I’m half joking.]
  • It’s very strange to see your house in photos that are meant to make it look its best, but realistically don’t look at all what it normally looks like. It’s like a hotel house.


  • Jack tripped stepping off the deck yesterday and I had my back turned so I didn’t see it happen but I heard his forehead smack the pavement and the sound was just the worst kind of sound. I feel like there is a special kind of miracle that happens when your kid falls down, because so often what you imagine the outcome is going to look like is not at all what happens and thankfully this time it was the case as well; he has a bump and scrape on his head but it could have been so much worse. It didn’t stop me from checking on him throughout the night and worrying about a brain bleed or cracked skull. Thank goodness for hard heads.
  • Liam had a friend over for a play date last night and it is clear that potty talk and faked bodily functions are just par for the course for all boys. Ugh. Why is saying underwear funny? Why, I ask you?
  • I make mixed CDs pretty much every month so we always have music we like to listen to at the ready when XM radio fails me (XM – why do you love Nickelback and Shawn Colvin?). I put a Matt Redman song on the last one and my kids regularly request the “God song” which made me realize I should just make a CD of all God songs and see what they do with that. Liam did tell me the other day that I should talk to him about God more often; noted, my pious little child. What songs would you add to an all-God-song CD?
  • We are going through the new house tomorrow with the current owners – is it strange that I really want them to like us? Is it possible they will like us so much they will leave their Bosch washer and dryer? A girl can dream.
  • I’m a little excited about our plans for the weekend, outside of the new house tour, tonight my small group ladies are coming over to hang out, eat good food and hear my “life” story; tomorrow night it’s a GNO with my college friends and Sunday night a little Cinco de Mayo fiesta with our small group.
  • In other news, I better heat up the elliptical.
  • Simon went out with the small group guys last night and it just makes me laugh because I asked what they talked about and he said, “I don’t know, stuff; lots of things.” This is pretty much the same answer I get from Liam every day when I ask how his day was… some things never change no matter how old you get.
  • I’ve happily discovered (thanks to food sampling) the large plain Fage Greek yogurt they have at our Costco tastes just as good with honey on it as the split cups I’ve been buying since Texas and is much cheaper to buy that way… I’m obsessed with it and have had it every morning with blueberries and raspberries.
  • Liam’s school is going a walk-a-thon today called Walk with the Dogs and it just occurred to me that it was named that not because parents were encouraged to come and bring their dogs to walk with the kids but because the school’s mascot is a bulldog. For someone who values common sense, sometimes mine is a little slow on the uptake.
  • Our neighbor said to me when he learned we were selling our house, that he was “always having to break in new neighbors” which makes me laugh because I have lived there for 10 years…
  • I feel like I’m in perpetual need of a nap, that is until I am in bed and trying to sleep. Then I can’t sleep and waste time pinning recipes and home decor ideas on Pinterest, searching for dining tables on Craigslist and playing Candy Crush Saga (addictive).
  • During bedtime prayers, Jack ALWAYS prays for the following people in this order: “And I love mommy, daddy, Liam, George, grandma and grandpa and Quinn (my niece)…” He will almost always add more family members, but always starts with those seven first. So, Quinn, you have made quite an impression…
  • The boys’ goldfish are still alive.

Happy weekend-ing, y’all! Hope you have a great one!



6 responses to “It’s Friday!

  1. A still gets in trouble at school for making farting noises during test time. Seriously?!?!?!?

    All God Song CD- check out Newsboys. There’s VERY few of their songs I don’t enjoy.

    Liam is an enigma. I love that kid.

    EEEKKKKK! I can’t wait until you move! I’m soooo excited for you!!!

    And also, WHOA…your house looks crazy awesome through the fisheye lens!

  2. Your house looks amazing – The pictures turned out great!

    You totally gave me flashbacks talking about Jack’s forehead on the pavement. Took me back to when Kate fell face first on the cement from 4 feet up in the air. Worst…moment…ever…

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night 🙂

  3. BTW…girls can be just as bad as boys in the potty words department. I can’t wait until the words “naughty”, “poopy”, and “toot” are not said multiple times daily. Of course, when they stop saying those, that probably means they’re getting older, which I don’t want them to do…

  4. Put some coffee beans on a tray and leave it in the oven on a low heat during the open house……..the downstairs will smell like freshly roasted coffee which has a subconscious effect on most people and creates a lasting impression

  5. Your house is so beautiful I want to live there too. I saw the one you want to buy and it’s mega beautiful

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