Multiple reminders

I’m in need of multiple reminders this week that despite my worries, God is in control of everything. I have done my part and now I need to have patience and wait for what is to come. Waiting is so hard. Trusting is so hard. Having patience is so hard. Not worrying is so very hard.

But I have no choice but to wait, trust and have patience. And I can choose not to worry. It’s all good. It’s better than good.


I choose to count my blessings (could you remind me of that). I choose to have faith and confidence and know that even the worst case scenario of not selling our house is still not the worst thing that could happen to us. The worst case scenario is easily something we can deal with, just not something we’d like to deal with. Yes – I hear you – it’s only been a week that our house has been on the market, but foolish me had hoped for more interest and a quick sale but I have no control over those things so what good does all the worry do me? No good at all. Second verse, same as the first.



2 responses to “Multiple reminders

  1. Hang in there, Michelle – All in God’s timing! And think about it this way…if our house was able to sell amidst our foundation and basement crack troubles, yours will DEFINITELY sell too 🙂 I hear ya though…waiting is the hardest part…

  2. these are beautiful quotes. you are right, God is in control over our worries and is him who provides for us.

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