Things I Would Rather Do Than Move My House (Again)

Moving one time in ten years isn’t bad, but the next time cannot be far enough away for my taste. It’s kind of a pain to pack up every single thing you own, move it and then unpack it all. Note to self: next time, hire the kind of movers who do all your packing for you and then load up the truck… then you only have to unpack it all (and do NONE of the lifting) and marvel over how they simply dumped the contents of your junk drawer into a box and helpfully labeled it: Junk Drawer (I was a little lax on my labeling, rather just inconsistent – I helpfully labeled a box “Kitchen 2013” because apparently the year was necessary.

I was trying to think of things that would qualify as something I would rather do than move (again) and quickly discovered that actually, there are still MANY things I would rather NOT do than move (get rid of a bee hive, face off with a squirrel and go deep sea diving are all on that list) so while my list isn’t that extreme, it does give you some perspective on my limits and boundaries. It should also be noted that moving THIS time was way more than worth it… just all-consuming and exhausting! Each night from Saturday through at least Thursday I went to bed completely wiped out, legs aching from standing, carrying and in general moving ALL day. By Tuesday, when my parents came to help unpack and put things together, I actually had to tell my nearly 80 in-his-70s father that I needed a break when he was ready to move on to the next project. And as of right now I still have about 30% of our boxes left to unpack and our bedroom is a giant Tetris game of furniture, boxes, baskets of clean laundry and plastic tubs. Still worth it.

Things I Would Rather Do Than Move My House (Again)

  1. Visit a water park or Cedar Point (I’ve realized I am not a fan of these places, but I sure hope my kids like them because Simon sure does and then, someday in the future, the three of them can all go away together and I can have the house to myself)
  2. Have a third child – girl or boy.
  3. Go a year without Diet Coke. (oh wait)
  4. Move my office.
  5. Never eat chocolate bread peas again (I mean, I do love pea soup).
  6. Stop using the phone to talk on… wait, totally not a hardship but I’m not giving up texting.
  7. Not see a movie for a year (or two, even, if I’m being generous).
  8. See AC/DC in concert.
  9. Eat only at Applebee’s when we go out for dinner.… nope, can’t do that one, as much as I love Tequila Lime Chicken… give me small and local and DELICIOUS every time.
  10. Give up Prime Time television… think of how many Pinterest projects and crafts I could get done.
  11. Take up running.
  12. Not hate running.
  13. Spend 24 hours with Flava Flav OR Lady Gaga OR Martin Short; but not all of them at the same time.

That’s all I got for now… what would you rather do than move?


3 responses to “Things I Would Rather Do Than Move My House (Again)

  1. I would rather go to the dentist!

  2. Ask me again in a few weeks. Right now I’m in denial… but I did pack one box last night. (yay me).

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