IMG_4343-2Dear boy (despite how you may feel, you are still a boy and I just might lapse and call you my baby at some point in this post – deal with it)… Today you are seven! SEVEN! If I write it enough, it starts to not even look like a word, which is appropriate because I still cannot believe it’s been seven years since you arrived in our lives. It seems like forever ago and a quick, bright flash all at once. Improbable.

Here are seven things I’d like to tell you to honor your seventh birthday:

1. I’m so proud of the things you’ve accomplished this year. You fought through your fear of the deep water and survived swimming lessons (though you still tell me you really hated them – but you can swim so that’s the part we focus on).

You lost your first tooth (and quickly after that your second and your third).
You completed first grade, better coming out than when you went in. And you learned the art of telling a story (nevermind that all your stories involve some form of superhero and/or monsters and/or light sabers).
wpid-IMG_20130606_164954.jpg2. You are an amazing reader, a skill I hope serves you as well as it has me! I loved and still love to read. And I love hearing you read… it’s incredible to me that you went from reading song titles on our car stereo to flying through second-grade level books. wpid-IMG_20121225_095857.jpg
3. I hope you always love learning and experiencing new things as much as you do right now. You soak it all up and spit it all back out to us (even when we don’t have time to listen – I wish we had all the time in the world to listen to you).
4. You have a big heart (and a big temper – that goes hand-in-hand with feeling big feelings). You either love something or you hate-ity hate it (though we only hate things, not people, except robbers, because they are the worst; dumb “heady heads” you would call them).

IMAG07325. I love that you still give me hugs and cannot hide when you are completely thrilled with how things in your life are going. Don’t get too cool for either of things, I forbid it.wpid-IMG_20130525_161704.jpg
wpid-IMG_20130119_171907.jpg6. You are a kind and generous friend. You would happily give to others what you have and not expect something in return (though you are not shy about asking for something that you want from someone who can give it to you). I love more than I can tell you that your BFF was the kid that came into your class knowing hardly any English and you became his friend and helped him navigated the starting-to-be-rocky waters of first grade. That is the very best thing you can do for someone, help make their difficult times a bit easier. IMAG03207. You are awesome to hang out with and I love the time we get to spend together, just the two of us.
wpid-IMG_20121225_101335.jpg wpid-IMG_20120823_073237.jpg wpid-IMG_20121224_151810.jpg

And I know that dad and Jack love the times they spend with you, too. Remember to always love them – they are the only dad and brother that God gave you and the men that will always stand by you.
Happy Birthday, notorious LSB! You are all sorts of awesome!


4 responses to “Seven

  1. So sweet! Love this. Happy birthday, Liam!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    (Emily has a big heart and a big temper, too.)

  3. ” I love more than I can tell you that your BFF was the kid that came into your class knowing hardly any English and you became his friend and helped him navigated the starting-to-be-rocky waters of first grade.”

    This part touched my heart so much. I love to read about children are so nice and kind to others.

    Happy 7th year little boy 🙂

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